Remembering Adam Cerkas – To Dad

“I Owe my Love of the Outdoors & Camaraderie to You, Dad”

To everything, there is a Season; for every experience, a rational reason,

These essentials of life we cannot change, nor always comprehend or anticipate, and so it is we feel strange…

It is our challenge alone to determine their being, to unwrap God’s mysteries, to believe without seeing.

I learned early on to value the outdoors, to spend time alone and with others, without ceilings or floors,

To appreciate the simple things that God alone has built, to hear the wind blow; to see the trees grow and wild flowers wilt.

And I learned this Love from the man I called Dad, I watched him hunt and fish, he proved it was not a fad…

As I grew, my Love of the open air did as well, and I hunted and I fished and stories I did tell,

Of the monster bucks that I would command, of the many trout, bass, northern and walleye that wound up in my pan.

These days I wouldn’t trade, I would not change a thing, except for my Dad, my friend, more days I would bring…

And along with the joys of fresh air and pine smell, I managed to learn there were still more secrets as well,

I found a peace and serenity and Love for my kin, spending quality time with them caused me to grin,

Not a funny kind nor a humorous type, but one of camaraderie, appreciation, respect, oh so forthright.

We talked, grinned and had our laughs; we really had a blast, we would exchange jokes and tales of each of our pasts.

Yet amidst all the chatter and noise and good food, we all felt each other’s presence and spirit, each one and each mood…

It’s almost as if we could see and feel what each other knew, we were that close, that intimate, we had every clue.

This time served to strengthen, bond and renew, our Love for each other, our need to share, and in that spirit, wow, how we grew.

Those times are forever marked on my soul, to be remembered and cherished; guns, deer, fish, boat and fishing pole…

And yes, all the ‘fun’ we had setting up camp, in the snow, in the rain, tying down the tarp, leveling out and lighting the lamp.

Those days on the Bay are like diamonds looking back; the fish, the weather, the time we almost sank, a wet and sorry sack,

The lesson in all this that God tests us with, is but simple yet bold; to strengthen our spirit and soul, to learn what is pith…

We all need His Love, support and delicate touch, all that I learned first hand… Now I truly know and Love Him so much.

So, as you can see, I have much to share, so much Love in my heart, good will, intentions and experience, I truly do care,

And all of these gifts that I have come to possess, I have you to thank, Dad, for it’s your Love and acceptance that I cradle and caress…

My imperfection is like any other son or daughter of God; I’ve struggled, I’ve sinned and repented, sometimes on my own, other times with a prod.

It’s all so very clear to me now; the why’s, how’s and what’s of the world, the lessons you taught me, of these I avow,

Trust that I’m safe and well and at peace, I’m still hunting the deer, catching the fish, feeding the birds… Watching the geese.

I’ve arrived at yet another sanctuary of my everlasting and magnificent life, there is great brotherhood here, and calm; there is no strife.

I ask that you still talk to me, still let me know, of the Love and pride, friendship and care, that a father tells a son to cause him to grow,

I can hear every word, I can sense every thought, I can see and feel your sentiments, if, as a gift they are brought.

And remember, Dad, every time, as a human you might fail and might fall, that as God reassures and promises us, Love truly conquers all

Adam J Cerkas (1973 – 2005)

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