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Capturing the Essence of Prayer

PrayerThere are many dimensions to consider when defining a characterization of what is involved in being a Christian.  Constructs including God, redemption, salvation, sin, miracles, angels, demons, heaven, hell, faith, rebirth, penance, sacraments, resurrection; and prayer. As an understatement, your personal relationship with God is as unique as you are!  Accordingly, it follows that how you communicate with God is also unique as well as what you call and how you define Prayer.  Likewise, it will be endlessly amazing and special.

“As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it is with prayer.  Surely, one can open a Webster’s Dictionary to obtain the standard or commonly accepted description of it, however, like our minds, personality and spirit, prayer means something different, amazing and boundless to each of us.”

The Lord's PrayerIntended to provoke thought and introspection, below is a short list of how one could describe or capture the essence of what prayer represents.  This list is by no means all-inclusive, but rather, fertilizer of sorts to help you internalize its meaning:

  • Ultimate Conversation with God
  • Unwritten Contract with God
  • Open-Ended Invitation to God to consume our Heart and Mind
  • Unsolicited Plea for Help, Healing, Outcome, Redemption, Forgiveness
  • Direct Dialogue with God
  • Unfocused Expression of Gratitude
  • Offering of Repentance
  • Manifestation of Spiritual Resonance
  • Checklist of Mortal/Physical Needs or Desires
  • Intercession of Divine Nature on your or another person’s behalf
  • Alignment of Present with Future
  • Fusion of Thought, Intent, Desire, Need and Projection
  • Introspective Reflection of our Personal Reality and Timeline
  • Affirmation of Belief, Faith and Expectation
  • Revelation of Self, Sin, Intent and Benevolence
  • Transforming Progression in the Process of Spiritual Maturity
  • Offering of Contrition
  • Targeted Projection of Self and Energy

The Incredible Power of PrayerWithout stating the obvious, prayer simply can not be confined to an entry in the dictionary.  It is equally and simultaneously, broad and specific in context as it applies or is used by each human being.

“The most essential aspect, however, is that prayer is an awe-inspiring and Powerful construct.  To a degree, it defines our individual spirits as our fingerprint defines our bodies, yet it cannot be seen by the eye, but only touched by the heart.”

As Christians, we must acknowledge the power of prayer and leverage it to advocate benevolence in the world, use it to empower healing, to eradicate pain and promote alignment of spirit and our mortal lives.  The outcome will be inner peace, harmony and the courage to live your life to its potential.  Similarly, prayer shatters the fear of death and prepares one for eternal salvation. I pray for the redemption of every soul on earth, knowing there is no limit to the grace, mercy and healing of God’s presence in everyone’s life.  Be well.

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The Redeeming POWER of Forgiveness

Camaro_69_SS_MikesAs a car freak growing up, I learned from my dad about tuning and rebuilding engines.  Integral to acquiring any significant knowledge or insight about mechanical things like engines, is the ability to diagnose problems.  I learned that the most effective way to troubleshoot and resolve them, was by learning to look for and recognize symptoms; a leaking vacuum line, an improperly adjusted carburetor (lean or rich), a bad spark plug wire, engine timing not properly set, etc.

Symptoms are like clues that when properly observed and considered collectively, can lead you to discovering the root cause of a problem.  And so it is with life.

Most of life’s problems are not mysterious or elusive.  Whether it be depression, anger, paranoia or obsession, most of life’s Griefchallenges involve hurt feelings, abandonment, betrayal and yes, other people.  The inability to deal with these feelings prevents the negative energy from leaving your spirit and self, much like trapped air in the brake lines of your vehicle.

In both scenarios, you and your car are unable to function in a normal capacity. The fix for your vehicle is pretty simple, either take it to a repair professional or bleed the lines of air yourself.  The only variable is cost.  The fix for your self, however, may be a bit more involved, but nonetheless, is very achievable and unlike your vehicle, will be accompanied with intense feelings of relief, liberation, peace, energy and Healing.

“The magic solution to many of life’s problems?  Very simple; forgiveness.  When a person holds on to negative energy from previous hurtful experiences, it entraps them, much like a jail cell confines a prisoner.  You become a prisoner trapped by your own emotions.  And in a damaging sense, this negative energy accumulates within you.”

In many instances, you won’t even realize you are holding on to these feelings. Discovering the root cause of emotional pain can be elusive and the best approach to identify it is reflection and self-evaluation.  And perhaps even more difficult than identifying the source of your pain is, once found, convincing yourself to transform that pain into positive energy by deliberately and consciously committing to forgive whomever is at the other end of your pain.  This is No small feat!

“The unmistakable and inexplicable sense of peace and balance, however, comes simply by letting go of the pain, releasing the negative energy built up in your spirit and mind, honestly and genuinely forgiving another human being…  for being human.”

Sunset background25And once you have forgiven your transgressor, you (and them) will experience the  incredible sense of cleansing and redeeming POWER that forgiveness creates within you.  Indeed, each of us at various points in our lives has desired to be forgiven by someone else whose life we have  adversely impacted, whether it was deliberate or unintentional.

What are the symptoms of the need for forgiveness?  Anger, guilt, regret, anxiety, stress, and even depression.  Most of these symptoms the average person encounters in their life, worst case, on a daily basis.  It doesn’t take a deep dive to discern that this type of negative energy can quickly accumulate inside a person and actually impact their physical well-being.  Without question, it can and does impact your spiritual well-being.

This time of year, Christmas, is a most appropriate time for personal reflection, analysis and yes, forgiveness.  You owe it to yourself and others in your life, to take the first step toward whatever reconciliation opportunity is present in your life.  And most profoundly and importantly, many times, the first person you need to forgive is yourself.

Take the first step toward renewal and strengthening of your relationships, and let it begin with you.  Be well.

Love – The Most Powerful Moment in the Universe


(Dedicated to Aaron, Love you like a son)

Of the totality of emotions and behaviors that exist, only one survives, supports and surpasses all others; Love.  The true beauty and majesty of Love can only be witnessed as the result of how it manifests itself in and transforms anything its presence permeates.

Like the air we breathe and the water we drink, Love provides and sustains life to all living things.  Without question, Love is the Higgs Boson of the Universe and is oft times referred to as “The God Particle.”

Love only exists, however, when it is shared with one or more, is only felt when offered with deliberate and genuine intent and only fails when it is absent.  For Love is not so much a thing as it is a moment:

A moment of prayer for a family that lost a loved one;

A moment of commitment to transform Love into eternity in marriage;

A moment of a touch in helping your elderly neighbor;

Footprints in the SandA moment of support for a friend that lost their job;

A moment of compassion in a world of chaos and uncertainty;

A moment of joy that reflects in the eyes of a newborn infant;

A moment of forgiveness for an unpleasant word from someone you Love.

Newborn_in_HandThe synergy of these “Love” moments collectively heals, encourages, motivates and inspires.  What then, are the possibilities for goodwill, caring and positive energy as the result of unbridled Love in a world currently adrift in a famine of caring and compassion?

Each of us has a responsibility; no, rather an obligation, to create and perpetuate these moments toward the goal of achieving happiness, both within us and also external to the world in which we live.

As dark is the absence of light, so is hate, sin, jealousy, lust, apathy and anger the absence of Love.  Some say Love is a complex thing, however, I say Love is the simplest and most pure and powerful moment in the universe.  As such, we have no excuse for failing to create or offer and share Love with others every year, every month, every day, every hour, every minute, every second and most notably, every moment of our being.

Love is the missing ingredient in the world today preventing peace, harmony and coexistence among all people and nations.  And as daunting a task as it may appear to be to work toward those goals, it is really just as simple as making a commitment and focusing on creating one moment of Love at a time.  Each of us has the power to create Love “at will”.

Will you find a moment to Love… please?

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Melting a Hardened Heart begins with Forgiveness

Heart_in_Hand_ValuesOur lives abound with the callings of Love as we welcome newborn infants into the world; join together to introduce a newly married couple to our community; share our food, goodwill and financial resources with others in times of need…  Yet our lives likewise experience darkness and evil as we introduce hate into the world via killing; discrimination, abandonment and apathy.

What are we to learn and take away from this reality?  I contend that evil unfortunately serves an important and unique purpose and role in our lives as a constant reminder of the need for good, for positive energy toward others and to enhance our limited awareness of the stark reality of what our lives are like, absent God and Faith.

As peace is contrasted by violence and light unto darkness, the lives we lead must equally reflect that balance.  And that balance is necessary as a result of our existence being inextricably melded with sin.  I will be the first to offer that I am not a perfect human being, I am a sinner as are we all.  Yet, that knowledge does not only prevent me from striving on a daily basis to offset that curse with positive thoughts, but in fact, motivates me to transform my positive thoughts into actions and behaviors of goodwill toward others.

lotus_hi_resAs atoms comprise molecules and molecules form matter, from the infinitely tiny, progressively to large, significant and impactful; each positive thought, behavior and action, from one person to the next, synergistically combine to form a peaceful, calming and equally positive environment for all of us to share and enjoy.

Yet, this eloquent soliloquy cannot be collectively “heard” by others without consistent energy being applied by many in unison.  Evil acts, events and momentum have increasingly been witnessed in our world in the past century; blindingly in the past week.  For many, the unfortunate fate and future for our world, has already been accepted as inevitable and the will, conviction and resiliency to continue toward peace and Light has been all but squelched into complacency, desensitizing many and creating a numbness of spirit.

I proclaim to you that Now is the time, to recommit to the Truth, to recognize, realize and envision the positive outcome we still hold dear in our hearts, of a world where peace is the norm, where people willingly and regularly extend a helping hand to their neighbors and likewise to those they do not know.

“Evil is as real as the air we breathe and unfortunately, as necessary to remind us of our singular purpose and destiny in life.”

ForgivenessWe are all children of God whether or not we care to admit and accept it.  And as sure as the sun rises each day, we will be held to account for our lives once that light ceases to permeate our physical being.  It is never too late to melt a hardened heart, yet it will not materialize without Love and Compassion, and most importantly, Forgiveness.

So let us each find the courage and energy to identify those areas within our lives where we desperately need to forgive someone of a wronged past, perhaps a hurtful word or failure to support or console us in our time of need.  Let us recognize the root of forgiveness is to “give” to others of ourselves, to rid our souls of the blackness that is in truth, an absence of Light, and to replace that dark void with warm feelings of camaraderie, goodwill, peace and Love.

Amazingly, we will find a new wealth that is defined and valued by the warmth it creates and the goodness it resonates.  Let us reach heal-the-world-posterout now to mend those broken fences, comfort those that have hurt us or that we have hurt, lift up our hearts to that higher vibration and energy known as Love.

Genuine Peace of the world is within our reach; if indeed, we only in fact, reach out for it.  I call it Spiritual Maturity and our world desperately needs it now.

Please, listen and meditate on the lyrics of this Angelic Song emblazoned by the late Great Ray Charles…  and then; transform those positive and heartfelt emotions into visible actions and an enduring behavior of goodwill, camaraderie, and Love toward others.

The Power of Forgiveness is REAL; the Truth of Love is each of our responsibilities.   When we eliminate the darkness of sin that is characterized by hate and apathy, only Love remains…  Be well.

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