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My Daily OMG Moment – The Incomprehensible Power of Faith

IcebergAs I reflect today upon my life (as I do daily), I can’t help but become overwhelmed, to the point of tears, with the amazing journey my life has taken, the multitude of paths I have walked; some pleasant and some otherwise.  And the simply astonishing events, dare I say miracles, I have personally witnessed; miracles experienced by myself and upon others in my closest circles.

The collective synergy that these emotions of a lifetime have fused in my mind remains unsurpassed and most notably, unquestionable with regard to the authenticity and incomprehensible Power that I have created by faith.

As I’m sure you will attest, each of us are born with the power to think, analyze and critically, choose what to believe.  The free will I Footprints in the Sandspeak of is not a result of some biological mutation, physical evolution or chemical reaction.  Inexplicable by science, this innate ability to exercise our senses and minds and consequently integrate the data into thoughts, beliefs and memories, can only exist as a result of a deliberate plan or design.  Indeed, none of us are here by accident…  Not a single one of us.

I’ve seen and experienced awe-inspiring behavior by others, words of sacrifice, events beyond coincidence and yes, seemingly impossible outcomes that have unfolded into reality as naturally as a handful of sand blows into the wind and returns to its individually existing millions of granules of silica in a matter of seconds, transparently assimilating back into the environment from which it came forth.  Effortless, magnificent and incredibly profound situations revealed by our sight, sound and mind, created without human intervention or prompting, yet relevantly impacting my life.

My point here is that I believe I am quite qualified to speak of my life in this fashion as you would equally be qualified to speak about yours; the clarity and certainty of the events; especially how, when and why they occurred.

This awareness of reality, at least the reality we are allowed to experience and understand, leads me directly to the conclusion that nothing in our lives occur by coincidence or as a result of some random experiential life generator.

“Each and every moment of our mortal lives occurs by design, within a plan and with specific outcomes for which we are to ponder the significance… and most profoundly, as a direct result of our free will to think, do and act as we choose.”

If one wholly acknowledges and accepts this tremendous, yet simple hypothesis, the resulting, inevitable and extraordinarily liberating Power that is created and realized by faith becomes confounding to our sense of logic as human beings.  Oh, but how so real it is.

BelieveI can only offer to you how stimulating, inspiring and emotionally charged it is to witness life in this active mindset or frame of reference.  My being and aura has always been deeply grounded in an unshakable, solid foundation of faith.   And with this liberating sense of free will, most certainly, comes an equal amount of responsibility to exercise it with the utmost caution, integrity, compassion and sense of gratitude.  To truly and genuinely experience a full life is akin to holding that “Tiger by the Tail”.

The immense energy we create by our minds, when based in a framework of morality, fairness, goodness and compassion, is indeed noble, significant and eternal.  I am free to be me, and so it is my wish for you to experience an equally exhilarating sense of peace, joy and gratitude to be free, as you define it; but choose wisely, my friend.  Be well.

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The Mirror Doesn’t Lie

Amazing SunriseThroughout the course of your life, you have invariably introduced yourself to many people; a prospective employer, a (new) friend, neighbor, co-worker, relative, customer, professional group or individual.  That one minute of opportunity to convey your essence as a human being, Your beliefs, Your values, Your journey.

And standing on the other side of your conversation, is the individual listening to, assessing, comprehending and yes, perhaps judging who you are, why you are and what you are; much like the mirror on the wall.  And just like the transformation of analog television to HD (High Definition) digital broadcast, the picture we reflect can be extremely clear, bright and even potentially unforgiving.

It comes to no surprise, then, that it is critically important to provide an accurate, focused and understandable picture of yourself to others, so they can hopefully and ultimately “get you”.  Much like a book’s title is testimony to its contents, the life we live on a daily basis becomes our testimony of who we are and of our being at our inner core.  Our life defines our spirit and soul; as it was meant to be.

When each of us contemplates our own personal testimony, it is imperative that we present ourselves with authenticity, sincerity and Not_In_Vein_Coverdetermination.  When we live our lives in this fashion, people take us more seriously, treat us with more respect and associate us with a higher level of credibility and trust.  The image we project in truth, reflects our own sense of personal integrity, character and self-worth.

Without doubt, a journey down this path has increased potential for arriving at a meaningful destination and making a difference in life, ours, others and the future.

These are indeed, heavy and powerful concepts.  And most of us, from early on, are rightly taught to appreciate the finer things in life, including nature, simplicity, kindness, along with having a good sense of humor.  Yes, these are important aspects of life to understand and appreciate, however, we must remember the fundamental purpose our lives serve; to be a testimony of Truth and a student of self-awareness.

Holy_Grail_ChaliceAs limited in duration as life can unpredictably be, we owe it to ourselves and those around us, to not only know who we are, but to know why we are.

“As assuredly as a cup has a purpose to be filled with nourishment, our lives likewise serve a purpose to be filled with the spirit of our uniqueness and journey, the nourishment of our destiny.”

When you look in the mirror, who do you see?  More importantly, who do you want to see?  In the BIG picture of life, we are all oh, so Lucky.  Be well.

Life – Express Yourself

Picasso_self_portrait_1907If you’ve ever taken the time to reflect upon your life and recount the memories of your lifetime, you might notice that the vast majority of those memories were created as expressions.  Expressions of emotion; love, warmth, caring, happiness, joy, gratitude, sharing.  And to be sure, expressions of anger, guilt, regret, sadness, loss, abandonment, fear.

If we are to learn anything about life, observe and remember the elementary lesson of the magnet in science class; opposites attract. 

Together, these paradoxes of emotion ironically create the balance in each of our lives; balance that is necessary to maintain our sanity, to appreciate the good because of the bad, to create more happiness because of past sadness, to foster love because of the knowledge of the voided feelings in the absence of it.

Everything we do, manifests itself via expression.  We speak, we cry, we laugh and we sing.  We share a handshake with an old acquaintance, we smile when recounting the times we experienced with people in our past.

Indeed, to express ourselves is to experience the very essence of life.

If someone would ask you, what it felt like when you became a parent, chances are good you would have immediate recall of the elation, joy, newborn-baby-with-momhope and benevolence of that moment.  And sitting at the other end of the spectrum of life, each of us can surely and vividly recount the angst and despair of losing your parents, along with the eternal nothingness of emotion as if someone had just reached inside your chest and ripped out your heart.

Moving along the timeline of your life, remember the joy of riding your bike the first time without the training wheels?  Innocent happiness created as an expression of joy.  And then there is the feelings of tremendous and overwhelming gratitude when you realize how much your parents sacrificed in their lives, so that you could go to college, have a safe, pleasant and hopeful life as you grew up into adulthood.

Continuing on, recall the immense sense of accomplishment you experienced when you stepped across the threshold of the doorway of the first home you purchased or built.  The excitement and adrenaline rush of passion resulting from that “first kiss” with your wife or first girlfriend.  The peaceful and serene moments as you Fishing_Sunsetwatched in awe of a golden sunset, sitting on the rear deck of your boat, basking in the abundance of human nature, becoming one with earth’s elements; bonding with life itself.

Truly, life is but a collection of expressions.  Paramount, however, is the knowledge that we possess the power to create every single one of those expressions as a result of choice and free will.  I would be remiss as a Spiritual being to overlook the opportunity to remind everyone how crucially important it is to acknowledge this life as a gift to be cherished, fully and deliberately lived; and most importantly, expressed.

Be well.

Amid all that is considered acceptable and that which is not, pure expressions of emotion lie at the center of all we do.  Live life, don’t just watch it go by.


Do Not Disturb – I’m having an NLE (Near Life Experience)

living-life-to-the-fullestI want you to pause and seriously think about this question…  How do you know you are alive?  Well?

The first thing you must do to attempt to answer the question is define and understand what it means to be “alive”.

Does it mean to simply breathe?  or perhaps, to be able to use any of your five (5) basic senses, i.e., see, smell, taste, touch, hear.  In my opinion, these things more accurately describe “existing”.

To be alive, or to live, involves purposely and deliberately using your senses to fulfill or work toward an “end” or objective.  So, it begs the question, “What is your purpose in life?”

[Meaningful Sidebar: If you are curious about how technology has and does impact our lives, go to Google and perform an image search using the word “living”.  You will be astounded by what you find; at least I was.  The vast majority of images returned were absent something very, very important.  You’ll know what that “something” is when you see the results.  If not, you had better pinch yourself to see if you are indeed, alive.]

So many of us are NOT authentically living, but merely existing, from day to day as we have become entombed in a routine we earthwormmistakenly identify as “life” or “living”, when in reality, it is merely existing, as an earthworm in the dirt or a African Violetflower in a garden.  To be sure, there is nothing wrong with earthworms or flowers, however, their level of consciousness and awareness are incomparable to the human being; or at least that was the “design” or “plan”.

“True living involves and requires passion for our behavior(s), compassion for other people and a true “plan” for our lives.”   

Why are we all here, anyway?  How far along the way are we to achieving or realizing our “plan”?  Conversely, how much time do we have “remaining” to accomplish that plan?  Have we already met and surpassed our Life Plan?  How are we supposed to “know” when we have “arrived”?

To be sure, these are all rhetorical questions, yet meaningful as they are, they cause us to think, wonder and perhaps even worry, about the significance of each of our lives.  Profoundly, that is a good thing for it causes us to Live!

I contend that if you believe your life has value, is meaningful, purposeful and significant, then it is incumbent upon you, upon each of us, to invest the necessary time and effort into searching our soul to truly identify and/or define, who we “are“, what we are “about” and why we are “here“.  And once our “values” are visibly discernible, it is subsequently our obligation to harmonize or align our thoughts, actions and behaviors with those values.  That, my friends, is Living.  I challenge you to work toward making every second of your existence a “Life Worth Living”.  Be well.

If you truly have a thirst for living, you will be blessed to witness what Randy Pausch has to say below about life and living:




Human Life – The White Noise of Consciousness

spiritmerkabahI’ve always appreciated the importance of perspective and context as they relate to analysis, problem solving and yes, even brainstorming.  Likewise, I believe that human life is perfectly captioned via the well-known label of “Intelligent Design”.

There is a healthy and welcomed balance of sorts when the two words are paired together to represent the ultimate “body of knowledge” about life, thought, universe, origin, purpose and journey.

But, what exactly is human life, in a grand sense of being?  As an understatement, it is an experience.  It is a lesson to be learned in preparation of eternal life.  A “hands-on”, fully immersed “test drive” of the beauty, magnificence and peaceful existence in our dreams; or more aptly of our Destiny.

As a microscope divulges the intricacies of the physical aspect of human life, a seemingly static and solid piece Omega_Watch_Gearsof carbon (our body) becomes a teeming, complex and multi-dimensional mystery (key aspect – multi-dimensional).  And so in a parallel thought sequence, when placing the construct of consciousness “under the microscope”, we find among human life, eternal salvation, esoteric relationships, universal truth and purpose of being; most assuredly and magnificently, our creator.

“Human life is but a microscopic taste of consciousness as a single cell represents our physical body.”  

To be able to understand true consciousness via our present knowledge of human life and physiology is akin to being able to visualize the Mosaic_Mona_LisaMona Lisa from seeing one pixel of a 900,000,000,000,000 (trillion) piece mosaic.  Infinitesimal at best; purely impossible considering our current sense of reality.

As you routinely listen to the radio or a music CD in your car and acknowledge, but “tune out” the exterior road, weather and man-made sounds as you drive/travel, so in the larger sphere of our existence, human Life is the “White Noise” of Consciousness.

The key point is to not need to understand, but simply to acknowledge the relationship as Real, and to subsequently solidify your faith with it, draw the conclusion that God is equally ever so Real, and finally, to make the commitment to live your human life focused on preparing yourself for that eternity called consciousness.

If you’ve ever experienced and/or witnessed the birth of a baby or even simply admired a newborn infant in your arms, try convincing yourself that this creation was a “random organization of cells” or an evolutionary “skill”.  Without question, it is the most convincing and perfect evidence of Intelligent Design and Grace with which you will ever be Blessed and have the privilege to behold; period.

Be true to yourself and most importantly, be well.

Capturing Emotion Through the Camouflage of Life

The simply amazing dichotomy of existence within the human race is reflected in the superlative similarity of each of us as “organisms”, contrasted with the magnificent uniqueness and singularity of spirit within each of us.  Simply put, as common as we are visually, we are uncommonly special within our mind and soul.

The trillions of life experiences, interactions, information, emotions, Brain_Logicrelationships, preferences, opinions, behaviors and habits have molded each of us as a vessel created by a potter.  Importantly, our essence ultimately becomes what we think, dream and hope; and fear.

Of all the emotions along the spectrum of life, Love and Hate rise above all others in amplitude, intensity, impact and consequence.  Recognizing and observing emotions, however, can be anything but straightforward or sequential.

Tears_of_JoyA smile, in reality, can be intense dislike; tears can be the touchstones of happiness; calm can be the quiet before the storm or specifically, a twister roaring across the valley.  You see, even though we are relatively simple and physically organic beings, we are likewise, complex, intelligent, multi-dimensional nerve-bound sensory spirits.

At our best, or perhaps at our worst, we can possess and exhibit multiple emotions simultaneously, potentially resulting in others receiving mixed or confusing “signals” and us likewise experiencing a primordial concoction of emotions.

The lessons to be learned in the midst of emotional “warfare” that we affectionately refer to as Life are postermany.  Compassion for others reigns supreme, followed closely by listening without filters (judgment), humility in thought/reaction, and finding and expressing empathy for each other.

The world will become a kinder and gentler place when we can focus on and master these four fundamental disciplines of life.  Indeed, we will become more human than we ever thought possible or could have dreamed.

Collectively, the human race will be elevated to a higher plane of existence.  Most notably, we will find ourselves closer to God.  Be well.



Mind what Matters – The Metaphysical Me

library_photoIn the larger scheme of existence, the human race has collectively, nearly perfected the art of labeling, pigeon-holing, categorizing, describing, containing and visualizing “things”.  Expending considerable energy and resources, we create “Top Ten” lists, dictionaries, image databases, Guinness World Record books, “How-To” best sellers, encyclopedias and Secrets Revealed “Tell All’s”; yet we have largely escaped, perhaps intentionally avoided, defining ourselves in terms of individuality, spirit, essence, journey and Purpose, in fear of learning who we truly are and why we exist.

We dance completely around the most important aspects of life and spend the bulk of it as slaves to a master, perfecting the distractions, because we are ever so good at allowing ourselves to be fooled into worshiping False Gods, to be more concerned with what everyone else thinks of us, all the while paying little attention to the voice and moral compass buried deep within our souls, that is the whisper of God and is revealed to us as our conscience.

Above_the_CloudsPersonally, the past seven years of my life has been an odyssey of paramount awakening, laced with purpose.  I have been presented with opportunities, challenges, revelations, choices and lessons in life to be learned and applied as is a brush to be used to paint a story or picture.  Digesting, interpreting and implementing the totality of this assimilated information has been at times confusing, frustrating and emotionally draining, yet I persevere…  BECAUSE I SENSE THE ENORMITY AND CONSEQUENCE OF THE JOURNEY.

To distill this epic tale into something of focus and comprehension, it is this: Let No-One or No Thing define your spirit, self or life.  Refuse to be limited by the boundaries of others perceptions, yet strive to become aware of your own focus and limits.  Express your innermost Personality, Character and Essence to others and recognize everyone influences and are influenced by each other.  We are indeed a web of humanity.  Use your faith and moral conviction as a magnetic compass to lead you down the path of your life.  Speak to God as you converse with a friend and recognize that He is all you need to survive, learn and flourish as a a human being.

Christ-the-Redeemer-overlooking-Rio-De-JaneiroWe are absolutely on this planet to acknowledge, accept and execute a Divine Purpose and fulfill a likewise Divine Plan.  This plan is revealed during our existence like the stone prior to being chiseled into the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Each of our souls (lives) are perfect works of creation that are transformed by us for others to discover the beauty that radiates within.  Be well.

Discovering Magnetic Resonance of Being

Morning_Fog_LakeAs boiling water is transformed into vapor and seamlessly blends with the surrounding atmosphere, so is death the distillation of life as we know it.  The energy of our thoughts, the electricity of our heartbeat and the knowledge and memories of our mind are distilled by death into the ether of eternal life; but most importantly, surviving as our consciousness.

Floating-Globe-Silver-Med-783070If we are to learn anything about life, observe and remember the elementary lesson of the magnet in science class; opposites attract.  Our human lives on this planet are as images in a mirror, i.e., they are in fact diametrically opposed realities.  What looks like your left hand in the mirror is in (our) reality, your right hand.

And so the dichotomy extends into many facets of our existence as children of God.

  • Life begets Death or Death begets Life (Ending is really a Beginning)
  • Pain & Suffering Yields Peace and Eternal Life
  • Good attracts evil and evil, good
  • Humility & Vulnerability are the birth parents of conviction, strength and resilience
  • Seeking Inner Peace & Harmony leads to the discovery of Magnificence and Glory
  • Focusing on others (and not yourself) illuminates your soul & spirit, creating self-awareness
  • Praying only when needing help is like saving only when needing money

J_Denver_Farewell_AndromedaThe epitome of this paradox is eloquently brought to life by the late John Denver in his song,  “We Don’t Live Here No More”, released on one of his earlier albums entitled “Farewell Andromeda” in 1973.  In the song, Denver metaphorically describes the many seemingly mutually exclusive scenarios of life and encapsulates the mindset within the larger sphere of existence.  He was indeed, a master at transforming thought and emotion into meaningful lyrics and enchanting music.

Here are the lyrics:

Make believe you’re on a boat without water around.    Picture yourself at a circus, without any clowns.

Pretend that you’re on a highway, without any end.  Then empty the ashtray, sweep up the floor, put a lock on your door.

If somebody calls in the morning Just say we don’t live here no more.  Draw me a picture of an island without any sea.

Show me a map of the whole world without boundaries.  Build me a home without windows or doors to go in.

Then empty the ashtray, sweep up the floor, Put a lock on your door.

If somebody calls in the morning Just say we don’t live here no more.  Dream of the time when the tides ebbing now, rise again.

Then you will know, that to die is not really to end.

Living and dying are both your most intimate friends.  So empty the ashtray, sweep up the floor Put a lock on your door.

If somebody calls in the morning Just say we don’t live here no more.
If somebody calls in the morning Just say we don’t live here no more.

Let us all relish in the complexities of life and be comforted and protected by divine guidance when we need it to find our way.  Be well.

A Sensory Encounter with my Book

“Not in Vein”


Miracle within my Soul


The Context of eternity


“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’  But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’”
George Bernard Shaw

At face value, obsessing about death can be depressing and difficult to contemplate.  Due to our collective ignorance about the definition of life beyond what we know as human beings, we have been conditioned to view death exclusively as an event with no curtain call and a very, very final conclusion.

We have been taught that death is something associated with negativity and painful emotions, primarily as a direct result of focusing on our own sense of self and our needs as human beings.  True enlightenment and one of the secrets to an unwavering faith as well as a belief in salvation is a core mindset that focuses on others, their needs and how each of us can play a part in those lives, not only giving of ourselves, but profoundly, in learning about ourselves.

Unsurprisingly, humans are overwhelmed with their physical senses that condition the mind to be self-centered, and this is fairly understandable, given the minimal and limited knowledge we as human beings have about the ‘bigger picture.’

Taking a different perspective, however and peering deeper into the entire thought process and scenario can provide much needed clarity and motivation.

Once a person is past the point of acknowledging their own mortality and physical boundaries; that is precisely the point where the conversation you have with that person in the mirror, begins to get serious and real about your faith, your spirit and soul, about your fundamental purpose in life;  more importantly, about your eternal life.

Surely, it is the thought of the certainty of that mortality, an inability to change it, and the anxious realization about its inescapable arrival as well as the frustration about not knowing when it will occur, that leads most individuals toward an emphasis on the what and how of everyday life and away from any ongoing or serious contemplation of the realm of eternity.

Prodigiously, my thoughts are then followed by a sensation consumed with fear of the unknown.  And typically at that point of my synapse playing ‘connect the dots’, my deep dive into metaphysics is typically extinguished.



Please don’t hesitate to Comment below or send me an email with feedback.  I sincerely seek it and need it to improve.  Thank you.

Be well….



One and Only – The Multi-Dimensional Me

Michael Cerkas High School Yearbook

When I was young, like many others, I was a dreamer.  A dreamer, not in the sense of fantasy, wild imagination or wishful thinking; a dreamer in the sense of bold empowering dreams, hallmarked with heroes, real people and jubilance.  I dreamed in terms of humanity, brotherhood, good will and magnificent outcomes… for the world and how I would be an integral part of it.  And these dreams began for me at six years old!

Now, many decades later, I still dream those dreams, concretely believing they will come to pass (in my lifetime), with the singular unknown being simply a matter of when those dreams will transform into reality and bring solace to a world so desperately in need and want of it.

Jesus Christ (Artists Rendition)

These dreams I speak of, originate deep within my mind and soul; striving to be, anxiously awaiting to morph into a living, breathing reality.  They are taking form, and truthfully, at times, scare the daylights out of me, inasmuch a biblical revelation must have equally jolted those whom lived during the Life of Jesus Christ, witnessing the miracle and salvational nature of his Life, first-hand in real time.

These dreams move me to describe myself in terms of multidimensional-being” in the hope of being better able to understand myself and likewise, better relate to other individuals.  And as much as I believe each of us are singularly unique children of God, on that same canvas being created with similar brushstrokes, we are similarly linked and defined by those dimensions.

Each of us exist in many dimensions of life and reality.  We are sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends, Christians, soldiers, leaders and students.  The development and self-recognition of these dimensions appear to accelerate as we grow and mature, and some serve to define our existence, perhaps even destiny, where others labor to mold us into our future selves, forging personality, durability, interest and temperament.

I am a son, a father, a husband and a brother, a student (of life), Christian, writer, manager, leader, analyst, neighbor and (hopefully) friend to many.  Each of these “Michaels” intertwine like a complex DNA strand to form the person that others recognize and know.  Each of the persons that have helped me to develop as a human being see or view me through the likewise unique filters that have formed as a result of each relationship and collective “museum” of interactions.  It’s almost as if the relationship itself is its own entity of life.

And then, further forging the spirit that is joyfully “me”, are the lifetime of experiences, actions, behaviors and acquired knowledge that serve as the trim on a car; indeed, quite a visual, yes?  Foremost, I seek to find the good in everyone I encounter, in the hope of encouragement, inspiration and personal development.  I am very mechanically inclined, logically oriented, mathematically gifted, enjoy sports and even more, appreciative of fine art, music, innovation and creative endeavors.  Oh yes, and my oh my, do I enjoy to write!

Perhaps the most crucial take-away from this conversation is the realization and acknowledgement that each of us as human beings are equally diverse, complex, gifted and unique.  Every single person on this planet that confines our physical being, possesses greatness across the fabric of our spirit, being and purpose.

That greatness is to be witnessed in awe, celebrated by all and pursued individually to grow, nurture and ultimately, leverage in this world to achieve outcomes characterized by ethical, moral and spiritual energy, commonly focused on the advancement and betterment of life for everyone, and paradoxically personal development and growth in wisdom.

So, the next time you encounter the opportunity to meet and/or converse with other people, regardless if they are friends, family, neighbors, co-workers or complete strangers; do so with the mindset of foremost appreciation, understanding, support, love and above all, compassion for each as the special Child of God and important, influencing human catalyst that they truly are.

As sophisticated as this world has become, there is certainly ample opportunity for distraction, obstacle and diversion to enter each of our lives.  The challenge and opportunity is to remain focused, disciplined and civil in the course of an increasingly complicated and at times, challenging world.

Be well and God bless.

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