Remembering Adam Cerkas – To Clint

“Hey Clint.  What the H?   I’m OK, really”

 There is no easy way to do this, so I’ll just simply say,

Do you understand x-raysrelativity, nuclear power or the sun’s powerful ray?

I’ll bet your answer will be “No”, for you are a gifted guy, but not Einstein, man, no way.

You simply take them for granted and accept that they are

They are real and exist, just like the difference between near and far.

And how about loveangels or miracles or how about faith or time?

You cannot touch, smell nor hear them, but know they are real as a mountain is to climb.

There exists a life that is more grand, more peaceful, joyful and sublime,

It lives and it breathes, it sings and it stays and it survives the exhausting test of time…

And what is time anyway, that man begot, what value does it define?

To eternity, time is meaningless, like the difference between yours and mine…

What is real, my brother and friend, my confidant and companion,

Is my Love for you and my dreams for you, my vision of your soul,

It’s the memories of my days with you, my thoughts that I now extol.

Let’s look at a few, let’s ponder some, let us both now take a stroll…

Like everyone, I had my flaws and made mistakes, a few,

I was not divine, nor always right, I argued with you too.

But I Loved all others, including you, every second that I was here…

And lived this life to the fullest, hunting or fishing or perhaps tipping a beer.

There is one thing, though, you must now know, for it is mine to say…

So listen well and be alert, for this I wish and hope and pray,

There is a plan and it will pass, it is written for our day,

I am part of it as are you, we both have roles to play…

My job in this world is now complete; it served my purpose well.

Your job is to Love and remember, honor, cherish, respect and tell…

Not only me, but everyone…  This idea, this thought, you must know it and it you must sell.

I am that I am, I still see, hear and feel… as it will be with each of you, when you hear the bell.

So, rejoice Clint and be happy that I am still free, for I continue to Love and to live,

And be listening for God for He is the Truth, learn to be, to pray and love, but mostly, forgive.

To understand it all is really not our task, but it is well to seek the truth, or pray, or hope, or ask.

Adam J Cerkas (1973-2005)

My thoughts are...

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