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Beware Of Darkness!


Van Gogh – The Starry Night

There is no doubt that many of us have witnessed evil in our lifetimes.  Evil is so hideous, in fact, it leaves long-lasting memories, perhaps better called nightmares, with anyone that has experienced its realm.

Like being “broke”, however, in the financial sense, evil really does not exist as an entity.  It is what remains when Truth and Light are removed.  More aptly, evil is a vacuum, it is the unwanted, unattractive filth that remains in the absence of God.

When a person is in financial straits, we say he/she is broke.  In reality, however, being broke is the vacuum that is created when one loses their financial wealth.

“And so it is with darkness.  Darkness is not anything tangible that you can touch, measure or quantify.  What we experience as darkness is merely and simply, the absence of light.  Darkness can assume many different forms in life; it can be violence, it can be hopelessness, it can be fear and despair.  At its foundation, the common denominator that defines darkness and enables it to be experienced, is the absence of God”.

Similarly, light can manifest itself in people in many ways.  Light can be reflected by the words a person speaks, the facial gestures thatTree_Shadow indicate compassion (smile, caring, joy, empathy; yes, even tears), the behaviors that demonstrate and witness the goodness, humility, peace and forgiveness of God.  Notably, the presence of God is evidenced by Love.  Where there is love, there is God.

Light is fueled by noble, positive and caring thoughts, actions and attitude/demeanor.  Each of us creates Positive Energy by choice.  It’s all about “intent”.  It’s how we choose to think, act and importantly, react.  Each of us is responsible for our actions.  Each of us is likewise accountable for those actions.

Without ever really knowing it, we have become conditioned since birth to associate evil with darkness.  Fears of going down into the dark basement; anxiety of walking alone down a dimly or eerily lit block at dusk; frantically searching for a flashlight or candle when the power goes out at home.  Whether these examples truly reflect evil is not the point, the point is that darkness creates fear as darkness equates with evil.

Waterfall_SunshineNow then, how does one go about confronting something that really does not exist?  Easy!  Evil (darkness) is confronted and vanished by Light (positive thoughts and actions, optimism, morally-based behavior, decisions and intent).  Core values steeped in moral and ethical behavior, worked over time into the creation of habits; the anticipation of positive events in life that directly impact each of us; gratitude, humility and faith for the good things when they do occur.  This is the foundation of Light and Truth.  It it the Invitation for God to enter our soul and enrich us as human beings, it is our fate; if we so choose it.

As complex as reality and the human condition have become, when we wade through the murky water of life and relationships, it all boils down to the fundamental concept of Darkness and Light.  How wise is God to have chosen this simple yet effective metaphor to illustrate who He is and what He desires for each of us?

One thing that is paramount in life is that details matter, down to the most minute and up to the most obvious.  To walk in the Light, we must be ever so vigilant to take notice and deliberately choose all our thoughts, words, actions, relationships, behaviors, etc., so that they align, support and yield the results we intend, for ourselves and for those we influence.


Christ the Redeemer – Rio De Janeiro

There is indeed a real sense of responsibility, accountability and impact each of us must accept as Christians.  Being a Christian is not analogous to a light switch, where we consciously turn it on and off.  Like life itself, breathing and our heart beat; it must be continuous for it to work as intended.

In the future, make sure to remember that every little thought, decision, action, intention and influence we create is like that small ripple in the water that is created when a stone is tossed into a lake; from the point of entry, a small wave begins and travels outward forever, impacting everything in its path.  Let’s make each of those interactions we create with others, positive and well-intended.

With absolute certainty, those actions, like the boomerang, inevitably return to us in due time.  Remember, All Things Must Pass.  Be well.


Reflection – The Spiritual Selfie of Your Soul

Bullet-on-Air-WallpaperWhen a bullet is fired from a gun, its trajectory is determined primarily by the skill and aim of the person shooting it, and a bit less by the physics and mechanics of the firearm, i.e., inertia, wind, grains in the slug, caliber of the firearm, etc.  Consequently, the degree of success that is realized by the bullet as it hits its intended target is one of repetition, focus and technique.

The same logic applies to our lives.  In finance, we regularly review our investments and insurance to determine if we are “on target”, realizing expected benefits and whether any changes are necessary.  In our homes, we regularly review the condition and level of maintenance required to maintain the foundation, exterior and related surroundings.  In our jobs, we regularly review our level of satisfaction and accomplishment, along with our compensation.

Collectively, in most aspects of our physical lives, we recognize, value and act upon the need to regularly assess various aspects of it; all with the end-game of leveraging our success, objectives and “happiness”.happiness

In the larger mosaic of our spiritual and eternal lives, which, by the way, are astronomically greater in importance than our physical lives, most of us pay precious little attention and time to the care and feeding of our spirit and soul.  Enter reflection.

“Reflection is little more than a feedback mechanism, however, it not only provides valuable information, it stimulates further and deeper analysis and thought, and it sharpens our spiritual focus and technique; and exactly like any physical accomplishment, improves with repetition.”

The proverbial Elephant in the Room, then, is poignantly, “Why do we not spend more time reflecting on our spiritual being?”  As essential to our true well-being as an awakened, aware and sensitive soul has proven, it is largely neglected by most people in a chronic fashion.  It is in effect, treated like a pair of socks that are stuffed into our dresser drawer and closed, only to be opened when the drawer requires cleaning or in the event we are searching for an item we cannot find.

diamonds-sparkleReflection, is that Spiritual Selfie that should be as popular and recognizable as the selfie on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  It can be distilled down to core values, priorities, initiative and responsibility.  Much like our personality and character are developed in waves or a building block scenario, our souls likewise develop and mature via focus, technique and repetition; the precise outcome of reflection.

Let’s reflect on that for more than a moment, shall we?

Life is complex.  Let your inner Light illuminate the world.  Choose to be who you are meant to be inside.  You are Beautiful!   Be well.

One last question….  Who Are You?

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It’s Dead O’Clock – Do You Know Where Your Life Is?


As human beings, most of us are uncomfortable thinking, much less talking about death; specifically our own death.  And likewise, we are all too familiar with the proverbial Life Review that has been referenced in many stories, book and movies scattered throughout our lives; you know, the motion picture-selfie we do right before we die?   As important and vital as each of our lives is (most notably to ourselves), why do we typically procrastinate and avoid that “Life Review” until it materializes as our Charles Dickens moment?

A much healthier approach to that ultimately inevitable outcome we all face is to conduct that life review on a much more frequent and regular basis; dare I say, daily?  Indeed, a good recap of each day not only reminds us of the fun we had living, but also will serve as a spiritual “to-do” list, with bullet points (oops, perhaps a bad metaphor) of areas for improvement or development.

“Most assuredly, self-awareness is no oxymoron.  We are each born to fulfill a goal, or a dream, or a challenge, or an opportunity.  Wouldn’t it be much more enjoyable living life if we literally knew why we are here in the first place?”  

My formula for identifying that purpose begins with knowing yourself; deliberately taking the time to learn who you are, being attentive to life-of-piyour senses as you experience life, being cautious in developing your core values and likewise being sensitive to ensure those values truly reflect your essence as a spiritual being.

We are all guilty of becoming distracted by life’s routines, whether they be work, exercise, leisure or social.  Instead, we should strive to be guilty of focusing on life’s privileges, whether they be helping others, being active participants in our children’s lives, serving as role models, or developing our spiritual maturity.  When that unenviable transformation of energy rises up to greet us, wouldn’t it be so much more welcomed if we were to be actually prepared for it, regardless when it presents itself, unannounced?

“Peace, Joy and Happiness are not commodities purchased at WalMart or perishables grown in a garden; they are each a state of mind that are only realized as a result of our will to acquire them.”

Evan_AlmightyThink of our time on earth in this way; There is No Past or Future, only an Eternal Now.  Accordingly, the time for Good Intentions and Actions is likewise, the Present.

Create a smile, share some good will, spend time with people important in your life or people for which you are important in theirs.  Reflect on your accomplishments, struggles, milestones and gratitude daily.  Cordon off a slice of time and place each day for this essential routine.

Change the axiom from “The Time of Your Life” to “The Life of Your Time”, and avoid becoming the Jacob Marley of The Christmas Carol.  Pursue your Truth in Peace, always.  Be well.

The Tools of Faith – Loss and Change



I am a man of faith.  Like many Christians will attest, faith rarely comes easy.  But then again, isn’t that the essence of what faith is about?  It is believing without seeing, it is accepting Truth without any physical, tangible evidence in the real sense of the word.  As an understatement, it is about complete and total Trust.  It is a way to live.

My life has been blessed with loss and change, what I call, the tools of faith.  I have sadly lost many friends, family, neighbors, classmates and cherished pets.  Change has molded my life via education, various jobs, and personal life experiences; all resulting in emotional and spiritual growth.  Yes, I have been blessed.

Many of my losses and changes were very difficult to comprehend and accept, especially the loss of both of my parents.  It is, however, precisely times as these where faith is tested, verified, relied upon and strengthened.  Time and time again, like a steel shield tempered by intense heat and a hammer, my faith has protected me; my faith has grown with me.

I’ve come to understand that the world, by design, is imbued with paradoxes, resulting in a balance of life that is precariously sustained by unknown forces and which yields continuous learning about self, purpose, determination and goodwill.  I cherish the opportunity to learn, with the anticipation of that learning leading to love, compassion, sacrifice, humility and honor.Believe

Tomorrow, September 6th, is a very special day for me.  It offers me a valued opportunity to remember a very good friend’s birthday.  The bittersweet aspect, however, is that this will be the first birthday celebration without the “guest of honor” being physically present.   You see, my friend, Michael Dymond, passed away this year on May 30th and would have been 67 years old tomorrow.

Dymond_Michael_GMike was perhaps, given my extended stay on this rock, one of the nicest and compassionate human beings I have ever met.  He endlessly sported an optimistic demeanor, beamed like a beacon when discussing his family, always lent a hand if and where one was needed, and never, ever missed an opportunity to console, support and help a friend in any way he could.

The world lost a God-fearing and decent human being this past May and accordingly, I am still coming to grips with the loss.  Without fail, loss introduces change.  Whether it be change of heart, relationships, responsibilities, or thoughts; loss and change work together to forge and test your faith.  The good news is that your faith grows and becomes stronger, if you allow it.

In the ongoing tug of war between old and new, difficult and easy, simple and complex, and joy and fear, one thing remains certain; it is the people in our lives that help to make us who we are and who we strive to become.

One of Mike’s favorite sayings when asked how he was doing, was “Just like an Angel”.  Little did Mike know just how right he was.  God bless you Mike.  Leave the “Light” On, I’m not sure when I’ll be coming home.

In the constant battle of good and evil, I choose good; I always choose good.  Be well.

This post is In memory of Michael G Dymond (Sep 6, 1946 – May 30, 2013)


I Will Carry… You With Me

OK_Tornado_1The Human Race can be quite finicky, conflict-avoiding and simultaneously book-smart, reality-dumb.  We are constantly exposed to God’s handiwork of miracles, rare “coincidences”, surprises and inexplicable events, yet we find ways to likewise convince ourselves we are a cosmic “accident”, with no ability to exist without our bodies.

Such is the drama and twisted fate of many human beings on this planet.  I offer to you that it is highly unlikely and logically implausible for “us” to be a one-and-done species.  Our minds have the ability to perform complex mathematics, remember intricate details about an item, process if/then logic flawlessly and multi-task like no other living organism.  We believe we are the only living thing that possesses awareness of our own mortality.  And all this ability doesn’t even broach the concept of emotions, extra-sensory perception (ESP), Near Death Experience (NDE), personal sacrifice, faith and Love.  So much for being “special” I guess.

OK_Tornado_3On a near-regular basis, you hear about the mother or father that gave up their life protecting that of their child, about performing super-human feats when faced with a Life or Death situation, or about “seeing” a Loved one that has passed away.  Emotions so strong they produce extraordinary behavior(s) or seemingly impossible actions, yet we are to believe we evolved from a monkey; even while the monkey still exists in their static form?

Example after example exists where people provide testimony to the existence of God, whether it be sports, deathbed acknowledgements,  promises made in grave situations or first-person conversations with God when tragedy occurs.  All these things, concurrent with those that believe we are merely a carbon-based physical organism because they have not the capacity, pride or desire to admit there exists a deity with more power than a human being.

For someone or some Supernatural Being that doesn’t exist (God), mankind sure has spent a boatload of time, energy and resources creating things like churches, bibles, avocation (priesthood) and communication (prayer/meditation) to explain and describe a non-entity.  We likewise teach our children to develop and use their imagination; that nothing is impossible and no dream is too big.  Who are we kidding by claiming there is no God or eternal life?  As it turns out, no-one but ourselves.

 “When you strip away all the distractions of life, what remains is pure energy and consciousness”.

And, according to the “laws” of physics, energy is never lost or gained, it simply changes form and is retained forever.  So, when faced with the concept of eternal life, answer this question; “Where does the energy go that generated your heartbeat your entire life”?  And, if it requires energy to produce thoughts and maintain memory(ies), where does all the related/associated energy from your mind go, when you physically die?  Just because something cannot be recognized by human senses, does not logically mean it does not exist.

As human beings, we need to stop resorting to classifying everything we cannot footprints in the sand poem 4understand or explain as non-existent or simply impossible.  Eternal life and our spirits/souls are anything but that and deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Life as we know it is so very much more than a finite presence classified as a highly functional organism.  As long as you carry every loved one with you during your lifetime, they are indeed eternal, as are you.  Be well.

God bless the victims and families of the Moore, Oklahoma EF5 Tornado on May 20, 2013.

Reflections on the Water – Like Shadows in My Mind

Silent_WisdomIs it any wonder that references and allusions to “Light” are eternally made when the subject of God arises?  (pun intended).  For one thing, Light is a construct that is near and dear to our hearts as residents of Planet Earth as it is a physical and constant presence.  Indeed, it is an unavoidable attribute of our surrounding environment.  Consequently, we are very familiar with it.

What better Way then, to effectively impart understanding and comprehension about God, Who is empirically, an incomprehensible construct for us human beings to understand?

Let’s begin with a contemplation of Love.  It is a word that we humans created, yes?  It describes the unseen emotions of the heart toward other humans.  And because it was created by us humans, it is therefore, real, yes?

There is one essential element of the construct of Love, however, that goes largely unnoticed at first glance.  And that is, Love, by definition, is a reciprocal state or condition.  Love cannot exist unless it is shared with others.Love_3

Love is intended to be a Duality, a Relationship, a Conversation, an Exchange and a Dialogue.

As Darkness is the Absence of Light;

Cold, the Absence of Heat;

Death, the Absence of Life;

Hate, the Absence of Love.

As you can see, Darkness, Cold, Death and Hate ONLY exist when we do not choose to Shine, Live, Share Warmth and Love.  It originates with our thoughts, which by the way, emanate from our values.

“Bottom Line, we are responsible for all the Darkness, Cold, Death and Hate in the World, by our Actions, by our Emotions, by our Thoughts and by our Values.”

I have many times referenced the near-genius lyrics of John Denver songs and especially like one in particular to illustrate the simple choices in life, the relationship, patterns and interdependence of nature and human life.

amazing-sunrise.jpgFound on his Rocky Mountain High album, John Denver sings about the Season Suite.  In particular, the Fall component of the medley is uniquely enchanting and revealing, not only about Mother Nature, but curiously, about the vibrance of Life itself and how that vibrance is reflected on the water, making it equally vibrant and beautiful.  And so it is with Love.  It energizes and reflects with whatever it comes into contact.  It is pure and fluid, cleansing and comforting like water.  How appropriate, yes?   How Important!

Simply stated, where there is Love, there is God, because God Is Love.  Enjoy the genius of John Denver:


Living in the Shadows – No More

Midwest_AmericaGrowing up in the Midwest, like many red-blooded American adolescents, I was born and raised a Christian, more specifically, a Catholic.  In realistic terms, it meant going to church on Sunday (and Church holidays), being an Altar-Boy serving mass, attending Parochial School, receiving Sacraments (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, etc.).

But perhaps, the most far-reaching and impactful aspect of being a Christian was learning about, accepting and Believing in God, the Bible, the Ten Commandments, Heaven & Hell, Angels, Miracles and the like.  At times, it was downright interesting, bordering on fascinating.  Most people accepted you for who you were and subsequently, your spiritual life went largely uncontested by others.

ManitowocAs a child, open to learning new things, willing to accept concepts at face value, being able to decide the truth of things and contemplating a logical result, God really didn’t seem that much of a stretch.  In fact, considering the history of the world, cultures, society and the awareness of other “religions”, it appeared to me that many of the primary belief-systems had quite a bit in common with each other.  At a bare minimum, each worshiped a “Supreme Being.”

Life was good, things made sense, people appeared grounded, confident and for the most part, good-natured.  Everyone was generally concerned with each other’s welfare, safety, etc.  In essence, people were civilized.

Manitowoc_DowntownSomewhere along the line, however, beginning in the 60’s, maturing in the 70’s, running rampant in the 80’s, spiraling out of control in the 90’s and then, off the charts at the turn of the century, people began changing their focus inward, toward self-indulgence, worshiping False Gods (technology, entertainment, celebrity, drugs) and eventually, sin itself.  It’s as if people believed God had gone on vacation or had stopped “being” God.

As I’ve matured, I’ve come to realize that Life has really become, anything but simple.  People have collectively and largely, become morally weakened, stressed, frustrated and fearful that God has abandoned, or worse, “left the building”.  It’s as if the bright light at the end of the tunnel, eternally shining as a beacon of hope, direction and support, had mysteriously been vanquished, snuffed out and replaced with Darkness, uncertainty, fear and turmoil.

Our indomitable Christian Spirit had been broken and the Hope for true Life and a future in Heaven became dim and precariously vulnerable to extinction.

In hindsight, it’s no wonder atheism has grown, same-sex relationships have blossomed and genuine concern for each other as human beings and Children of God has all but become a thing of the past.  What was once considered an “R” rated movie is now an unfortunate norm on daily and weekly network and cable television series.

Broken_FaithWe have effectively been “downgraded” as a species, no less, by ourselves; and a likewise, self-inflicted and universal lack of faith.   What was once the majority in the United States, i.e., Christianity, morally grounded behavior and values; has now become viewed as “out of touch”, old-fashioned (emphasis on old), and lame.

Pretty grim story thus far, yes?  Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be that way; unless you truly wish it to be true.  Each of us creates our own future by our free will, choices, thoughts, behaviors and actions.

Returning to that young Catholic boy who went to church, prayed every night before bed, served mass on a weekly basis and wondered in awe of the Goodness of God and the notion of a magnificent future in Heaven…  that boy has grown up and matured into an insightful, caring, confident man, rooted in faith, who REFUSES to cave in to the moral corruption and decay of society.

I have never been, am not and will not be nor view myself as a victim.  To the contrary, my future is secure, my purpose is clear and my actions demonstrate my confidence in what awaits me after my physical body expires.  Believe me, it is BEAUTIFUL!

white_lily_and_crucifix.jpgPerspective is a much maligned word, previously confined primarily to drawing, art and geometry.  For me, perspective has become a foundational brick in the wall of my Faith.  It is an essential element by which understanding of God, life, purpose and most notably, self; is very possible, realistic and visible, i.e., REAL.

I’ve lived and experienced too many “coincidences” in life, too many exceptions to the rules, too unlikely a circumstance to naively think and/or conclude there is no God, no eternal life, no miracles, no Angels…  no Accountability or Consequences to sin.

To the contrary, God (simply) is, Heaven (simply) awaits us, evil (simply) attempts to devour and consume us, and Love (simply) conquers all.

“I’d rather live my life believing in God and then die, to find out I was wrong; than to live my life in a forlorn mental capacity, believing that life is but a cosmic accident, waiting for the “end” and then die, to find out I was wrong and missed the entire lesson that God Himself intended and designed for me to experience, learn and grow in spirit.”

Wizard_of_OzTo each person that calls him/herself a Christian, I challenge you to step out from the Shadows of your fears and your life; and publicly proclaim your belief in God and His way of Life, to your spouse, parents, family, friends and those close to you.  Begin living your life in a manner for which you can be proud, when the “Exit” sign is illuminated at the end of your journey/path.

All it takes is a bit of Courage, Heart and Wisdom.  Be well.




Is Spirituality the Zeitgeist of our Lifetime?

Lava_LampFads come and go, movie stars flash and burn, new products are created and devolve into the ether…  so what makes a construct like Spirituality not only become popular, but dominate an era of humanity?

Perhaps it’s the mystery of the supernatural, or the need to address desperation, or the fascination with the Rubiks_CubeHollywood-like nature of the imagination.  For this human being, it is the reality (note, I did not say probability) of the Truth and the desire to serve a God that is good, forgiving, loving and kind.

For each of us to flourish as intelligently designed human beings, we must acknowledge, accept, determine and develop the spirit and essence that defines us in eternity and to each other.

“Profoundly, to acknowledge our eternal spirituality and nature, is to likewise, acknowledge the existence and magnificence of God!”

What more noble purpose could there be in life?

Throughout the sundial of humanity on Earth, various modes of thought dominated specific era’s as approaching storms on the horizon:

Celtic_Eternal_LifeAs each of these examples appeared, developed and either left or evolved; at the time of their dominance and/or popularity, they were commonly accepted as the current norm and “Way of Life”.  By this, I mean that they went largely unchallenged and were deemed as the “Truth” by society in general.

In the past 30-40 years, a theme of Religious Enlightenment has been slowly building in presence and frequency as does a time-lapse photograph of a maturing tree.  As it occurs, one doesn’t really grasp the brevity of the unfolding trend until it reigns in ubiquity like the “dog days of summer”.

And so it is presently with regard to Spirituality.  Indeed, as Art imitates Life, it is reflected in our society’s art via the Hollywood film industry as it has produced movies including:

Profoundly, to acknowledge our eternal spirituality and nature, is to likewise, acknowledge the existence and magnificence of God!  Be well.

“Prayer is the Ultimate Conversation”

Human Life – The White Noise of Consciousness

spiritmerkabahI’ve always appreciated the importance of perspective and context as they relate to analysis, problem solving and yes, even brainstorming.  Likewise, I believe that human life is perfectly captioned via the well-known label of “Intelligent Design”.

There is a healthy and welcomed balance of sorts when the two words are paired together to represent the ultimate “body of knowledge” about life, thought, universe, origin, purpose and journey.

But, what exactly is human life, in a grand sense of being?  As an understatement, it is an experience.  It is a lesson to be learned in preparation of eternal life.  A “hands-on”, fully immersed “test drive” of the beauty, magnificence and peaceful existence in our dreams; or more aptly of our Destiny.

As a microscope divulges the intricacies of the physical aspect of human life, a seemingly static and solid piece Omega_Watch_Gearsof carbon (our body) becomes a teeming, complex and multi-dimensional mystery (key aspect – multi-dimensional).  And so in a parallel thought sequence, when placing the construct of consciousness “under the microscope”, we find among human life, eternal salvation, esoteric relationships, universal truth and purpose of being; most assuredly and magnificently, our creator.

“Human life is but a microscopic taste of consciousness as a single cell represents our physical body.”  

To be able to understand true consciousness via our present knowledge of human life and physiology is akin to being able to visualize the Mosaic_Mona_LisaMona Lisa from seeing one pixel of a 900,000,000,000,000 (trillion) piece mosaic.  Infinitesimal at best; purely impossible considering our current sense of reality.

As you routinely listen to the radio or a music CD in your car and acknowledge, but “tune out” the exterior road, weather and man-made sounds as you drive/travel, so in the larger sphere of our existence, human Life is the “White Noise” of Consciousness.

The key point is to not need to understand, but simply to acknowledge the relationship as Real, and to subsequently solidify your faith with it, draw the conclusion that God is equally ever so Real, and finally, to make the commitment to live your human life focused on preparing yourself for that eternity called consciousness.

If you’ve ever experienced and/or witnessed the birth of a baby or even simply admired a newborn infant in your arms, try convincing yourself that this creation was a “random organization of cells” or an evolutionary “skill”.  Without question, it is the most convincing and perfect evidence of Intelligent Design and Grace with which you will ever be Blessed and have the privilege to behold; period.

Be true to yourself and most importantly, be well.

Miracle Within My Soul – The Eighth Sense

chrysthanthemumsWhen I was a child, there was nothing that interested, pleased and occupied me more than appreciating the world that immersed me via my core senses.  My path was one of appreciating the visual beauty of a vase of daisies, chrysthanthemums (mums), azaleas and african violets.

I reveled in listening to the soothing sound of a warm summer breeze, yet equally enjoyed a boisterous thunderstorm, or that unmistakable ring of the oven timer, letting me know my mom’s tuna noodle casserole was ready to be devoured.

The pleasant aroma of a fresh rain against the sidewalk and the intense and sweet bouquet of our backyard lilac shrub tickled and motivated my senses like a piercing ray of spring sunshine.  Contrarily, the musty and damp fragrance of my camping tent during a weekend with my fellow Boy Scouts after an overnight deluge, seemed to stick in my nostrils far longer than invited.

During my middle and high school days, I took refuge in metal works, woodworking and learning to repair cars, leveraging the fine motor skills, sensitive dexterity and muscle control I had developed during my youth to effectively create, fix and add/refine beauty as I knew it to the world around me.

Most likely as a result of my mom’s cooking and baking talents, I savored her oh so special Bread Pudding, Cream of Potato Soup, Pancakes and especially our family’s traditional Baked Ham after midnight mass on Christmas Eve as we Walleyed_Pike_Dinnershared opening the gifts under the  Christmas Tree.  Likewise, having been born into a family of fishermen, the unique and full of texture pan-fried walleyed pike and lake perch still excite me to this day as delicacies to be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated.

As an understatement, my life has been blessed with positive and pleasant experiences of the use, development and appreciation for all of the physical senses I have come to know and depend upon.  Yet, the true treasure and fulfilling experiences I have come to know, cherish and protectively guard in my extensive adult life, cause my physical senses to pale in contrast to them.

body soul spiritSpecifically, I refer to these additional senses as my “Trinity of Truth”.  They include my Mind (I like to call it my mantuition), my Body (health, strength, equilibrium and balance) and most notable and essential, my Soul (faith, conscience, duty to God).

Together and collectively as an orchestra playing a symphony, these eight senses empower my spirit to learn, flourish, help others and allow me to passionately and deliberately live and use my Life as an offering of sorts to give glory to my creator in anticipation (and full expectation) of the eternal life that awaits me when I approach, greet and ultimately pass through “death’s door”.

Let me make one thing crystal clear: I AM READY.  Are you?  Be well.



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