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Mind, Body, Soul – The Harmonic Symphony Of Faith

As a young Christian, I was an Altar Boy, learned the Holy Mass in Latin, respected the Institution of Church, and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Life was simple; you honored God with your life, you became more familiar with the Bible, and you consciously attempted to avoid Sin.

And then you grew up to join the world of Adults. Life became more complex, more interesting, more opportunistic; indeed, more dangerous. New emotions were born, along with the awesome sense of independence, responsibility, and choice; yet was fraught with anxiety, fear, learning, self-awareness, and sense of purpose. Self-doubt became a familiar foe, and uncertainty, as well as unsureness, occupied the top floor in your mind.

Adulthood was a vast swimming pool, inhabited by a plethora of personalities, agendas, boundaries, opportunities, detours, dangers, and few reassurances, if not, real and true friends.

Even as a young child, then youth, and now, adult, I’ve possessed a unique ability to recognize patterns, whether they be mathematical, associative, visual, environmental, behavioral, societal, or spiritual. Patterns, when examined and analyzed, yielded profound insight, dare I offer to say, wisdom when combined with personal experience and knowledge.

Mind, Body, and Soul, is one of those amazing euphemisms that lends itself to analogies, corollaries, and logical deduction. My intuition leads me to associate it with the traditional Christian prayer and Mass opening symbology, i.e., “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. Specifically, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Indeed, Christianity is steeped in Trinity, as in things grouped in three’s.

Let’s begin appropriately with the Mind and how it relates to the Father. The mind is the head or leader of the body, as is the father in a family. It is the origin of thought, ideas, innovation, solutions, and planning, as it relates to the body, as is the father as he relates to his family. Likewise, its primary function is to protect the body, like a father protects his family.

Following, the Body is to the Mind as the Son is to the Father. Both are inherently submissive, take direction and are dependent upon their predecessors. Until fully trained or conditioned, both grow by learning via cause and effect relationship. Both mature from creation and both share an intensely intimate relationship with their Master. Both provide iterative feedback in an ongoing fashion.

And, at last, the Soul and its comparison with the Holy Spirit. As the soul represents the ethereal origin of our human/mortal component of Christianity and our existence, the Holy Spirit shares that role with the Father and the Son.  Each represents intangible, yet necessary if not essential form and function as parts of the whole.

“Collectively, with each scenario, a synergistic force is manifested when the three components combine and function or work together. The mind, body, and soul join forces to establish and identify each of us as human beings. And, accordingly, the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit meld into what we can only define or describe as the Supreme Being, sometimes referred to as the Divinity. God is what I refer to as the Incomprehensible Truth. Omnipotent, Present and Eternal.”

Most notably, God is the divine and harmonic symphony of Peace, Love, Joy; and Life. We exist solely because of, and for, His preference and direction. It is in our, or more precisely, your best interest to acknowledge His existence and presence. It is, however, your choice to accept Him as your personal savior and King.

Bottom line, to Believe is a Bittersweet Symphony. Accountability with Eternal Life. God Bless you and Be well.

(This article is dedicated to my Parents (Leonard & Agnes), whom I miss greatly, yet whom I undeniably know I will see again. Love you.)


Faith Is A Relationship – Not A Building

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Amidst the increasing turmoil in the world, politically, spiritually, culturally and scientifically; one stands out from the others in an amazing way.  Our spiritual well-being (read: faith) is the singular aspect of our life that we completely and unequivocally determine, ourselves.

Faith, you see, is created and lives inside each of us, if we allow it there.  Free Will, the gift God gave us, empowers us to choose for ourselves, what we believe, how we think, how we act, and ultimately, how we live… Forever.

Growing up as a Catholic, I was taught that “Church” was a holy place and a place of

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worship.  That is still true today, however, my view of Church has matured to realize that in the entirety of religion and faith, Church is funadamentally, a place.  In my truth of the world, Prayer is very important, however, I believe one can pray anywhere.

We are doing ourselves a great disservice by creating an imaginary boundary by thinking we are only allowed to pray, to exercise our faith, to grow as Spiritual Beings of God, in a particular place.

“The reality is that prayer can be exercised ANYWHERE, and all that is required is that your mind is properly prepared, that your mindset is pure, humble and in reverence to the Holiness of God.  And when you begin to pray, place is inconsequential, immaterial and irrelevant.  What IS essential, is the the intent in your heart, the authenticity of your thoughts, and the determination to follow-through on your conversation with God.”

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To a large degree, all organized religions have their own self-induced boundaries, limitations, rules and expectations for followers to behaviorally exhibit as requirements to “belong”.  While reverence and tradition are certainly important, they are, specific to each religion, intended to control your thoughts and behavior, and fundamentally, keep you coming back, in a survival type of mentality.

With no disrespect intended, I find that demoralizing, overbearing and unnecessary.  To clarify, I proclaim myself a Christian, rather than a Catholic.  As evidenced in the world today, Satan has wormed his way into Catholicism, the Papal Office and yes, even the Church, i.e., the Holy Place of Worship.

As a Christian, I am a Christ-follower.  I rely on the Free Will, the intent of my Heart and the Goodness in my Soul, to direct my faith, including when and where I pray.  My foundation is the Bible, not a physical place, but rather, a Supernatural Space.

Indeed, time will tell for each of us…  God Bless and Be Well.  Pray, because your eternal life depends upon it.

Certainly worth the wait….


When You Know It’s Right

Compassion_2Of all the emotions we experience as human beings, none impacts me like the Good I feel when my actions align with my core values.   That alignment creates balance in my life, optimism in my heart, and peace in my soul.  It enables and empowers me to radiate my authenticity to those around me; it clearly reveals my true self in crystal clear vision, and more importantly, provides me a flawless lens as I interpret, learn, and react to the world and people around me.

Most importantly, when your life is in alignment, only then, can you achieve fulfillment in the sense of self-actualizing or maximizing your potential as a human being and Child of God.

“The “riches” of leading an authentic life are many, i.e., Inner Power, Self-confidence and Esteem, Peace of mind, Gratitude, Commitment, Anticipation, Love of life, Acceptance of other people, and a static-free, powerful and open channel to God via prayer.”

My role in the interdependence of this world (as it was designed) becomes closer to giving_hug_vetfulfillment, when I follow my heart and live my core values, and it leads to finding my personal purpose in this life.  Yes, that feeling is exhilarating, amazing, rewarding, and energizing.  My Life is Vibrant and fully Alive.

Alignment begins with a lucid set of core values, an unending faith in God and the courage to base your life and choose your actions and behaviors in accordance with your core values. I say courage, because there are many forces in the world working against “Good”, promoting evil and creating distractions to prevent God’s work in you and others.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

prayerPrayer and self-review are essential to grow as a person and spirit.  Importantly, both need development, review and exercise.   Protect and guard your faith with all your heart and soul as it is the singular key to eternal life.  And do not be afraid or hesitate to share that “Secret” with others.  Indeed, it is your and my destiny.

Faith Is The Light – You Are The Switch

LightningElectricity has always fascinated me as a concept.  In truth, it has empowered me directly while teaching me respect for it, along with a good dose of humility.  My perception of electricity is that of a formidable force of unbridled power and a silent master.

And as human civilization has harnessed electricity to create unfathomable applications and outcomes, you and I can equally harness our faith to create unimaginable yet incredible futures.  Indeed, from a bolt of lightning in the sky, we have managed to transform it into light, heat, coolness, stored energy, movement, communication and intelligence.

Similarly, we have the ability, dare I say, power, to transform our faith into actionable living, yielding real life outcomes and consequences.  Yes, we are the switch!

BelieveOne might ask, “What are the possible outcomes of faith?” and “How do I go about pursuing them?”  The answer to both questions begins and ends with one question; “Do You Believe?”

If your answer is “Yes”, you have already mastered the most difficult aspect of this concept.  Conversely, if your answer is “No”, I will challenge you that subconsciously, your real answer is “Not Yet”.

Like electricity, every physical aspect of our existence and being on Earth, must conform to a simple construct specific to energy, i.e., Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Simply stated, this means that because everything in our world is fundamentally energy, the Law of Physics states that energy is never lost, but rather, transformed into other energy, water boils and becomes vapor, food is ingested and becomes muscle and body mass, thoughts transform into action… and prayers are answered and manifested in numerous ways in our lives.

“Unlike electricity, however, faith is a conditional construct.  And that is, faith depends upon our Will to enact it.  Faith triggers real life events to occur.  People are saved from tragedy, opportunities materialize, sickness can be healed and reconciliation between people is made possible.  An essential aspect of faith that many people overlook or do not acknowledge, is that God acts within His own timeline, not ours.  He responds to us in many ways, some being unexpected or misunderstood, because we do not share His thinking, logic, or plan.”

The real Power of faith is in knowing that we have influence upon the world, other people, and events; and that God is a Loving and Caring Being, and will eternally be just, compassionate and responsive to our communication.  All we need to do is simply Believe.

As a Believer, I want; truthfully, I need, to learn more, to better understand, and to guide my actions as I implement my being as a Christian… as a Believer.  Accordingly, I read the Bible, I share my thoughts with others and I collectively worship God with other believers.   I observe my world and I sincerely offer help to others in the interest of making it a better place.  I refer to “Prayer” as the First Amendment of the Soul, and I will always choose to Believe, to be Thankful and to seek to Help others.  I invite you to come and join me.

Seriously, would you rather be an atheist and die, only to learn that God is Real; or would you rather be a Believer and die, only to learn that God did not exist?  Which path has minimal risk and maximum reward?  Which then, do you choose?


Resurrecting The Forgotten Family – Remember When

Family ConceptNever in the recent history of the world, have we witnessed the unprecedented destruction of society, culture and security, as we do now.  Religious and Ethnic persecution, Politically-motivated violence, social media attacks, Suppression of Freedom of Speech, Corruption in our Government.  Seemingly unrelated issues, however, share a common thread of substance; the Core Family Unit.

At the dawn of civilization, the family unit was the basis for survival of self as well as the species.  It was characterized by rules, heterosexual reproduction and safety (food, shelter and clothing).  Enamored with nurturing, albeit crude, the family also served to educate the young, much like animals educate their offspring.Family_Caveman

Progressing throughout recorded history, the family unit, let’s just call it the family, has evolved in function, form and features; yet, regardless of the changes, always served as the bedrock of social and cultural life and was revered, sought and protected because people understood the critical nature of the family to survival, legacy and individual reputation.

Toward the Industrial Age, families became larger, primarily due to the functional need to support the family farm in agricultural pursuits.  Once again, survival was paramount and acknowledged by all.  Love, not a subject of casual conversation in the public at the time, remained at the core of the family as it was considered to be the “X” Factor of sorts and the “right thing to do” with respect to how adults were expected to behave and interact with each other.  What a concept, yes?

Let’s fast-forward to today.  The traditional “family” is disrespected, ridiculed, demonized and undermined at every crossroad including television, media, government and education.  Make no mistake, the destruction of the family as the core instrument of society and culture, has consequences; significant consequences.

“At the heart of the dismantling of the family, are sexual deviance/perversion, violence, and Godlessness.  Together, these behaviors have become hallmark mindsets of our generation that collectively serve to undermine the family as the core and biblical unit of our species as human beings.  They serve to impact our future in the most adverse scenario.  Continuing to follow this path, we will ultimately lose our identity as children of God and only recognize ourselves as physical and mortal organisms.”

Family_ChristianTo combat this trend and destructive energy, we must change the way we think about the family.  We must restore its reverence and meaning and we must painstakingly strive to protect and secure its future.  And the way we will accomplish this goal is to change our personal thinking and bring back God into our lives.  God and faith in Him are the antidote and foundation to the elimination of immorality and the downfall of society.  Sin is our enemy, not God!  God is the cure.

Any person with a logical mind that has studied the Scientific Method, knows about simple Cause and Effect and Root Cause Analysis, as the basis of effective problem solving.  What we face now in America can be objectively and logically identified and understood, if we are willing to acknowledge and accept the responsibility to understand that each of us are a part of the proPower_of_Prayer_1blem.  Most importantly, that each of us are equally the key to addressing and resolving the problem.  It is not the job of other people to fix it, but rather, it is everyone’s job; it is Your job and it is My job.  WE MUST OWN THAT RESPONSIBILITY AND MINDSET.

And the way we approach this problem aligns with the way we approach our lives.  Invite God into your life.  Submit to His Presence as the Divine Father.  Learn how to live in His Light, Obey His Instructions for mankind and promote that mindset to others.  Let your actions serve as testimony to the Truth.  Let the Light of God shine in your life and permeate the world.

Economic bondage, SSpiritual-Journeypiritual Decay, Health Issues and Decaying/Toxic Relationships, along with all of the afflictions of this world that have plagued our species, originate and are manifested, as sin in direct relation to our ability (or inability) to think, act, behave and consciously choose God’s way of life.  We must deliberately decide to follow God and rebuke sin.  It is clearly an All or Nothing scenario.

The tools to accomplish this transformation include prayer, role model emulation, love and compassion for others.  The visible by-products of these efforts will be enhanced self-esteem, dignity, integrity, respect and inner peace.  I call these things our Spiritual DNA.  Over time, the adoption of this new mindset will cleanse our minds, spirits and souls and will demonstrate to the world around us that we choose God as our savior and redeemer.

Only then will things begin to get better.

Only then will the quality of our lives improve.

Only then will eternal life and salvation be once again within our reach.

Only then will we be saved.

Capturing the Essence of Prayer

PrayerThere are many dimensions to consider when defining a characterization of what is involved in being a Christian.  Constructs including God, redemption, salvation, sin, miracles, angels, demons, heaven, hell, faith, rebirth, penance, sacraments, resurrection; and prayer. As an understatement, your personal relationship with God is as unique as you are!  Accordingly, it follows that how you communicate with God is also unique as well as what you call and how you define Prayer.  Likewise, it will be endlessly amazing and special.

“As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it is with prayer.  Surely, one can open a Webster’s Dictionary to obtain the standard or commonly accepted description of it, however, like our minds, personality and spirit, prayer means something different, amazing and boundless to each of us.”

The Lord's PrayerIntended to provoke thought and introspection, below is a short list of how one could describe or capture the essence of what prayer represents.  This list is by no means all-inclusive, but rather, fertilizer of sorts to help you internalize its meaning:

  • Ultimate Conversation with God
  • Unwritten Contract with God
  • Open-Ended Invitation to God to consume our Heart and Mind
  • Unsolicited Plea for Help, Healing, Outcome, Redemption, Forgiveness
  • Direct Dialogue with God
  • Unfocused Expression of Gratitude
  • Offering of Repentance
  • Manifestation of Spiritual Resonance
  • Checklist of Mortal/Physical Needs or Desires
  • Intercession of Divine Nature on your or another person’s behalf
  • Alignment of Present with Future
  • Fusion of Thought, Intent, Desire, Need and Projection
  • Introspective Reflection of our Personal Reality and Timeline
  • Affirmation of Belief, Faith and Expectation
  • Revelation of Self, Sin, Intent and Benevolence
  • Transforming Progression in the Process of Spiritual Maturity
  • Offering of Contrition
  • Targeted Projection of Self and Energy

The Incredible Power of PrayerWithout stating the obvious, prayer simply can not be confined to an entry in the dictionary.  It is equally and simultaneously, broad and specific in context as it applies or is used by each human being.

“The most essential aspect, however, is that prayer is an awe-inspiring and Powerful construct.  To a degree, it defines our individual spirits as our fingerprint defines our bodies, yet it cannot be seen by the eye, but only touched by the heart.”

As Christians, we must acknowledge the power of prayer and leverage it to advocate benevolence in the world, use it to empower healing, to eradicate pain and promote alignment of spirit and our mortal lives.  The outcome will be inner peace, harmony and the courage to live your life to its potential.  Similarly, prayer shatters the fear of death and prepares one for eternal salvation. I pray for the redemption of every soul on earth, knowing there is no limit to the grace, mercy and healing of God’s presence in everyone’s life.  Be well.

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Living On A Prayer – The Ultimate Conversation

Prayer_LightAs cliche’ as it sounds, chances are that most of us, at some point in our lives, survived on little more than a prayer.  Whether it occurred shortly after college, after losing someone close or having survived some kind of accident, it doesn’t take a genius to learn that life is so very precious.  And no, you needn’t be a religious person, or even a Christian, to pray.

But pray we do, sometimes as if it were a survival instinct.  And what exactly is Prayer, anyway?  Pragmatically, prayer is a form of communication, however, everyone knows that communication, by its very nature, represents a duality; meaning, there needs to be a sender as well as a receiver of the message.  So, who or what is the receiver of a prayer?

More importantly, does the simple act of praying imply that God is real and exists?  Or prayerperhaps, we are all just very ignorant and/or naive individuals possessing little to no clue about life; its beginning, or end?

For me, prayer is simply the “connection” with the creator.  It may very well be a plea for help, or intercession, or clarity, or for forgiveness.  Regardless what “it” is, prayer purifies our being and spirit, and represents a self-medicating sort of healing process.  Not all prayer, however, is offered as a result of need; prayer can be, in its purest form, a simple “thank you” for being alive, for being able to experience life with all of our senses, for having been given the privilege of being alive.  Make no mistake, Prayer is Powerful.

Prayer is the act of acknowledging the existence of, or attempting to summon the energy and power of God toward some end.   Atheists spend their lifetime and energy arguing and attempting to prove that God does not exist.  If they truly believe there is no God, why do they feel the need to convince others to likewise believe?  Logically, by simply participating in that hypothesis, they, by default and reality, prove to the contrary that God does indeed exist.

Prayer_KeyIn fact, there have been scientific studies conducted that prove that prayer is real as a result of a measured and desired cause/effect difference in some state of human life.  For being a society that is inundated with the gamut of science “fiction” from Hollywood about Zombies, Demons and Aliens, we hypocritically and largely, contend there is no God, that science is the ultimate “source” of knowledge and that death is a finality with no exceptions.  So, we are conditioned to believe in the creations of Hollywood but not of a Divine nature.  For me, that is a truly absurd hypothesis.

“Prayer is as real as a baby’s cry, the smell of a fresh spring rain, the beauty of a golden sunset and the warmth of being embraced by a loved one.   Like life itself, prayer is what you make of it.  Believe in it and it will become reality.”

This is the Secret to life.

My suggestion to you is to not wait to pray until an obvious need is present in your life.  Rather, pray in a forward-looking fashion; pray for the well-being of those you love, for those you don’t even know, for the absence of violence and the intangible characteristic of world peace, and kindness of people toward one another.  By all means, pray with a sense of gratitude, humility and pure intent.

Prayer is indeed all about creating and raising the awareness of positive energy, the acknowledgement of a higher power and the improvement in the quality of this 24/7 blessing we call “Life”.

“Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear.”   Be well.

Love – The Most Powerful Moment in the Universe


(Dedicated to Aaron, Love you like a son)

Of the totality of emotions and behaviors that exist, only one survives, supports and surpasses all others; Love.  The true beauty and majesty of Love can only be witnessed as the result of how it manifests itself in and transforms anything its presence permeates.

Like the air we breathe and the water we drink, Love provides and sustains life to all living things.  Without question, Love is the Higgs Boson of the Universe and is oft times referred to as “The God Particle.”

Love only exists, however, when it is shared with one or more, is only felt when offered with deliberate and genuine intent and only fails when it is absent.  For Love is not so much a thing as it is a moment:

A moment of prayer for a family that lost a loved one;

A moment of commitment to transform Love into eternity in marriage;

A moment of a touch in helping your elderly neighbor;

Footprints in the SandA moment of support for a friend that lost their job;

A moment of compassion in a world of chaos and uncertainty;

A moment of joy that reflects in the eyes of a newborn infant;

A moment of forgiveness for an unpleasant word from someone you Love.

Newborn_in_HandThe synergy of these “Love” moments collectively heals, encourages, motivates and inspires.  What then, are the possibilities for goodwill, caring and positive energy as the result of unbridled Love in a world currently adrift in a famine of caring and compassion?

Each of us has a responsibility; no, rather an obligation, to create and perpetuate these moments toward the goal of achieving happiness, both within us and also external to the world in which we live.

As dark is the absence of light, so is hate, sin, jealousy, lust, apathy and anger the absence of Love.  Some say Love is a complex thing, however, I say Love is the simplest and most pure and powerful moment in the universe.  As such, we have no excuse for failing to create or offer and share Love with others every year, every month, every day, every hour, every minute, every second and most notably, every moment of our being.

Love is the missing ingredient in the world today preventing peace, harmony and coexistence among all people and nations.  And as daunting a task as it may appear to be to work toward those goals, it is really just as simple as making a commitment and focusing on creating one moment of Love at a time.  Each of us has the power to create Love “at will”.

Will you find a moment to Love… please?

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Imagine a World… Where Money is replaced with Prayer

Most people have heard more than once the oft-mentioned saying, “Money is the Root of all Evil”.  Well, I invite you to spend a few moments of your time with me to stretch your imagination to experience a small diversion in thought.  Don’t evaluate or judge my suggestion, but rather, allow yourself and your mind to envision a society, a culture; a world where money as we know it does not exist.

Take a moment, if you will, to imagine a world where you “paid” for things with Prayer.  Yes, you read it correctly, I said Prayer.  Incredulous, Impossible, Impractical, you say?  Perhaps a bit out in left-field, yes, however, could you imagine the sheer volume and context of goodwill that would be generated every second of every hour of every day of the year?

The positive energy resulting from the millions of “transactions” is indeed mind-boggling and staggering to comprehend.  In an attempt to legitimize this pious and hypothetically perfect environment, goods and services would be “paid” by bartering as a result of physically and emotionally helping others in the course of our lives as payment for such.

Additionally and perhaps paramount in concept, from an abstract perspective, you cannot steal prayer, lose it or accumulate it.  The inherent value of prayer is the outcome it produces and the moral capital it exchanges among human beings.  It physically exists only in an intangible dimension, however, the true existence, influence and impact of prayer on people and the world has historically been widely accepted as “reality” by many cultures and societies.  Prayer can be a chain or produce a domino effect similar in concept to the practice of “Pay It Forward”.

The resulting world would be truly amazing; no stock market, no banks, no financial investments, no financial distraught, no related crime.  Rather, you would witness an eternal continuum of billions of people simply helping each other and offering genuine goodwill for everyone.

The world could really use a heavy dose of positive energy and goodwill about now, yes?  When you commit and invest the time for soul-searching, meditation, prayer and well-wishing, amazing things can truly occur, without limit, and not only to others, but within each of us.  There is no downside to this approach and the cost; well, you guessed it, is free.  It is of our own free will and choosing.

We have everything to gain and nothing to lose with this approach.  It is without risk, yet can yield immeasurable rewards. Rewards that enhance the quality of our lives, the relationships of those we love and the outlook for a future world of hope; devoid of hate, violence and despair.

I challenge you to take that next step in your personal lives as I have mine, to examine your soul, your conscience and the depths of your physical existence.  And then, most importantly, to implement the resulting mindset and thoughts, transforming them into visible actions and behaviors while interacting with others in your life.  I will “wager” that you will find new inner peace, confidence, self-respect and a more positive vision of the world that each of us, individually and collectively as a society, nation and species, have the power, the will and the obligation, to create.

Imagine that…

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’  They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”   –  John Lennon



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