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Transitioning Into Eternity

Hourglass_TimeThere are numerous examples of Racing and each has its own domain and range.  NASCAR, Marathon Running, World Cup Sailing, Tour De France Bicycle, Olympic Swimming, and more.  None, however, are more striking nor more important, than the Race against Time.

In any race, one must consider the length, the duration, obstacles, requirements (rules), anticipated problem

s, physical requirements and environment, goal…  And then, as a “Racer”, you must perform, survive obstacles…  and lastly, Finish the Race.

“Throughout the Race (aka Your Life), you will need to manage change(s), some planned, others unplanned, some positive, others not so much.  The extent to which you are effective and successful in dealing with change and in adapting to loss, to a large degree, will determine how rich and abundant your life becomes.”

And, with any race, who you have in your “pit crew” largely impacts the outcome of the Checkered_Flagsrace.  Let it be known we are in this race together, to be interdependent, to love, sacrifice, suffer, support, and Help each other.

So, who do want in your crew and how do you select them?  Skill, Experience, Familiarity, Knowledge…  Shared Values?  Secondly, what kind of dynamic(s) do you want to create within your team?  Conformity, Creativity, Commitment, Compassion, Character, Charisma?  Rest assured, designing, recruiting, creating and then, managing your team is no task to be taken lightly.

Managing TransitionsTo be sure, books have been written on each of these important questions and issues; Change, Values, Teams, Racing, Group Dynamics, Values….  Without question, Life is complicated, yes?  So, be very focused and dedicated to living your life with the intent to “go the distance”, to be “true to your heart”, to leverage the gifts God has given you, and ultimately, to reach your destination… On your terms, following your heart, listening to your conscience, living your dream.


Moon Shadow – An Allegorical Transfiguration

moonlight_night-wallpaper-1366x768.jpgWithin the annals of history, rest countless examples of misperception, altered reality, confusion and wonderment.  Some perhaps steeped in deception, others in amazement and a sense of incomprehensibility.  Indeed, Genius, dare I say, Divinity, is the product of pragmatism clothed in unspeakable Beauty.

“And so it is with regard to many things spiritual.  The simple life yields immeasurable fulfillment, wonder and gratitude.  Darkness (Sin) gives way to Light, Mortality to Eternity and Minutia to the Grandiose.  Our world is one of contrast, oxymorons, context and perspective.”

Jesus Christ died so we may live, not only in the flesh, but most importantly, in the Spirit.  Christ-the-Redeemer-overlooking-Rio-De-JaneiroAmen!  The Bible teaches us that Sacrifice leads to Fulfillment, Suffering to Glory, and Patience to Reward.  And in many ways, along the journey of our life, we are endowed with glimpses of our Creator’s work.  If we are wise, we must first recognize His Hand, but then, firmly sieze the moment to completely and fully appreciate those experiences as they occur.

As Christ’s Resurrection perfected His sacrificial life (body), the Sun emulates His power, glory, warmth, protection and Path.  At most times too bright to extend direct sight, the sun (and the Son) offers us mortal souls the distinct privilege and opportunity to relish and cherish a Transfigured Vision of this Power; the Moon Shadow.

Amazing SunriseFor as the Moon only reflects the Sun’s Light; the Son only reflects the Light of the Father.  And accordingly, each of us likewise has the potential to reflect the Goodness and Greatness of God.   Yet, as difficult as it can many times be, that potential is only realized as a by-product of a humble and contrite Heart Imbued with pure Intent, one that is emblazoned with Enthusiasm, Gratitude and Spirit, and lastly, guided by Wisdom, Prayer, Determination and sheer Will.

The Good News, is that it is entirely “worth the trip” and exclusively within our own willBelieve to accomplish.  Do not be deterred, timid or hesitant to claim that which is yours and guaranteed by Christ Himself.  Behold the Moon Shadow in all its Glory, for it represents the tranquil spirit within us that has the potential to unleash immeasurable power to calm the chaotic nature of life.

Light of the World, Shine on Me, Love is the Answer.  God Bless You.


The Seed Whence Blossoms Human Morality

ShakespeareIn all of humanity, there lies a hidden goal, an invisible track up0n which our lives tread.  Sometimes lightly, other times ever so hard, we strive to be just, to be fair, to do unto others in a golden fashion.

We spend our youth watching others while learning to be, we emulate the movements and transform into “me”.  The essence of life is taught in fleeting moments, its lessons branded in our souls for an eternal tomorrow.  Many of us “get it” quickly and habits are formed that direct our conscious thoughts as breathing.  We think, we act and we react in a programmed sense of reality, at times forgetting about the foundation of our thoughts.

As adults we remember the lessons, the good times and bad, while wondering what it means to “be”.  The Wisdom_Mark_Twainlargest crime, being we forget that our lives haven’t yet been lived and indeed it is our own volition that will paint and resonate our unique presence to the rest of the world; and ourselves.

When maturity comes home to roost, the world indeed; a different shade and color casts upon us.  We forget many of life’s details, however, the morality of our being and purpose crystalize into a focus so intense it is nearly impossible to avoid.  The way of the world is now child’s play, yet no other besides us can comprehend and understand the melody; or the rhyme.

Sunrise_Above_CloudsThe circle of life and the rules of the universe needn’t be like mixing oil and water, discrete upon each other, closer than close, yet never to blend.   And whence does blossom human morality?  It can only be from one source, that which was first, and always will be.  Man’s law and God’s law, by intent, should mix together seamlessly, aligned in unison, moving forth in one direction, in harmony.

“In the greater sense of humanity and existence, our collective lives should not be testimony, so much as promise.  Indeed, our lives must be the evidence of moral thought, noble deeds and imparted wisdom earned by the time of being and granted by the Divine.  Man’s law is but a cheap imitation that mimics God’s law, and by no means whatsoever, could replace it.”

Life is a singular path in search of Salvation.  Waste not, want not.  Live it with zest, determination, deliberately and compassionately and seek the Truth of all that is seen and unseen.  Be well.

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The Reality of Good and Evil – What Dwells In Your Heart?

Ying_Yang_2We are at a precarious time in recorded history of this world.  A time which is characterized by the elevation of the stresses of life, confusion of false gods, persecution of Christians and Christianity, abdication of personal responsibility, rampant addictions to technology, substances and sex, and an overwhelming and forlorn state of hopelessness; perhaps better distinguished as apathy.

To be sure, there remain many, many dedicated and God-fearing souls walking the earth, however, the BIG difference being the ratio of good to misguided people in the world.  Sadly, the ratio is shrinking at an alarming rate.

This trend toward termination complements the absence of coping skills with the excesses of technology, entertainment and food. shield-of-faith We subsequently consume an amazingly large amount of time and spend a large amount of money on products including SmartPhones and Game Consoles.  We eat our way toward obesity.  We obsess with Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, while we slowly drift away from God, His Rules and most importantly, a deep and profound Love and Compassion for each other.

“To claim there is no evil in the world is to claim there is no God that will destroy it.  So, as real and present as evil is, so is God equally real and present.  It is but for each of us a choice to make, whether we invite God, or evil, for that matter, into our heart, mind and soul.”

Under the guise of freedom of religion, we’ve effectively pushed/forced God out of our schools, workplaces, neighborhoods, public events, media and in many cases, homes.  Yet the real absurdity is that all the while we are doing this, we scratch our heads and ponder why it appears that God has abandoned us?  I thought we were supposed to be known as the “intelligent” species.

Did you know?  As darkness is the absence of Light, so is evil the absence of Good.

Prayer_KeyI’ve always subscribed to the belief that self-awareness is no oxymoron.  To the contrary, it is the key to discovering your essence as a free spirit and child of God.  The takeaway from this homily is simply, yet profoundly, that it is due time for each of us to get serious about our lives, our behavior and our faith.  It is not enough to simply hold noble beliefs while passively watching the world around us plunge into darkness.

Each of us are called to bear witness to and testimony in support of the Goodness, Presence and Salvation by, the One True God.  As much as I respect everyone’s right to hold their own religious views in their hearts, regardless of your beliefs, the times dictate the need to turn our focus outward and directed at others in the hope we can successfully empower their minds to see, hearts to feel and spirits to embrace, the redeeming force of God and good in their lives and that of the world.

To that end, celebrate all that is Good and hold it closely and firmly to your heart.  There is no Greater Truth of which to speak.

Did you know?  Turbulent waters are on the horizon, my friend.  It is time to batten down the hatches.  Be well.

If I Were To Die Today – Living Life in Reverse

sunset_last_day_on_earthLife has a funny way of creating habits, routines and the resulting preoccupation with keeping busy.  We have routines for getting up, getting dressed, getting breakfast, getting to work, getting tasks completed, getting things done.   All this getting, getting, getting, however, is quite in contrast to that of Being.

The primary outcome of the “getting” is simply a preoccupation of our time here in this life; an Oh So Precious (and finite) time.  It is this mindset that inevitably results in the demeanor we subsequently create when there is loss; loss of a job, loss of a possession, but most critically, loss of human life.  We lament at funerals how we need to spend more time “living” and less time spending it on trivial matters.

So, in that light, this author offers an acute illustration of Being; “If I Were To Die Today”.

If I were to die today, I would let every person I meet, know that this life is simply too precious, complex and purposeful to be a cosmic Death_Ascension_Spiritcoincidence or accident.  Rather, it is a preparatory phase toward eternal life, one born of spirit and soul.  Our physical bodies were obviously not intended (by design) to last forever.  Our souls, however, are another story.  Pure energy is maintained eternally, so the key point are the transformations that occur along the way of our eternal existence.  Some call it consciousness.

  • Accordingly, spend more time with those you love, acknowledge the presence of Jesus Christ in your life and never, EVER, be ashamed or afraid to profess your faith;  For it is your spiritual legacy, birthright and destiny.  I refer to it as spiritual maturity.
  • Express your heart’s feelings to those on the receiving end, whether they be friends, neighbors, co-workers, family or role models and mentors.  They need to understand not only who you are, but equally important, who they are because of your presence in the world.  Humanity is but a web of inter-connectedness, an interactive and impactful experience that helps us to define and develop ourselves as eternal beings.  Communication is the vehicle that moves us forward toward realizing our potential as human beings.
  • Behave with intent, purpose and a deliberateness that unequivocally demonstrates your essence for others to witness and be likewise changed.  Help other people whenever you can as it cleanses the soul and elevates your spirit.  Have you ever felt badly after having helped another person?   And in contrast, have you ever felt good as a result of hurting another person?  That is precisely the eternal struggle of Good and Evil.  And, it is as Real as the water in the oceans.
  • Do the things that fuel your passions in life, don’t wait for the bucket to empty itself or be emptied by someone else.  Regularly attend to your “bucket list“.

Headstone_in_MemoryPerhaps most significant, is to leave the world a better place than you found it; by your definition and not by that of anyone else.  Life is to be lived on your terms as opposed to that of any other person(s) or the expectations of society.

If I were to die today, I would be satisfied with my life, sorrowful for any hurt I had caused others, blessed by the presence and guidance of God and most notably, prepared for death’s transformation and passageway into the eternity of tomorrow.  I would gracefully ascend having known I spent every breath of life focused on actualizing my soul.

What would you do if you were to die today?  Be well.


My Amazing Life is… Not in Vein

You knew it was coming and the only question is when it will be available…


I am (still) writing my first book, a memoir, spiritual journey and personal manifesto of sorts.  It strips away all of the brain matter, the personality, the education, the knowledge and life experiences, to reveal why it is important for all of us to know who we are at our most intimate core.

Not in Vein – Miracle within my Soul

It is literally the “bright light at the end of the tunnel” and it presents all those questions, ideas and challenges that are worth and deserve exploring as human beings, or perhaps those that should be considered “required reading”.

I hope you enjoy it and benefit from it.  Just maybe, it will spark the fire within you to journey for the answer to the most critical question of your Life; “What does it mean to be Me?” or perchance, “What does it empirically mean to Be?”

Profound questions don’t always require complex answers…  Perhaps it can be as simple as acknowledgement, acceptance and gratitude.

As my book develops, I’ll be offering portions of it for you to visually and philosophically consume.  And, by all means, do not hesitate to ask me questions, extend your comments, ideas and suggestions and most importantly, your support!

I hope you “Like” it…  Be well.


ps. If my soul were a song, it would be perfectly captured by this masterpiece as performed by the late John Denver on his blockbuster album “Rocky Mountain High” in 1972.  The song is entitled “Late Winter – Early Spring“.  It was the fourth “spoke” in a five-part wheel of the Cycle of Life as depicted by the seasons; Summer, Fall, Winter, Late Winter – Early Spring, and Spring.   Peace.

Life’s SOS – Significance of Suffering

It is human nature to seek peace, love and solitude.  And so, when we experience, as we all do at times, the opposite end of the spectrum of life’s offering; we question, we pain and we suffer.   The unpleasant begs the question, “Why do we suffer?”

As much as happiness is good, suffering is important.  For suffering is the cost of salvation and our attempt to move closer to God.  It is in suffering that we experience, even as a fraction, what Jesus experienced in his sacrifice to us in His role as Redeemer.  It is a deeply bonding experience that humbles us, focuses our energy and reminds us of the immense Love that God has for each of us as well as collectively for humanity.  Love that is critical to not only return to God, but equally important, to each other.

I classify suffering into two categories or causes; one being acquired as a result of our choices and two, being inherent as a result of a physical or hereditary condition that is involuntary.

Suffering elevates our spirit and likewise, brings us closer to God.  It serves to create and maintain awareness of our purpose in this life and of the harsh reality of all that is good, bad and inexplicable in this world.  Acquired suffering reminds us that there are indeed consequences for our actions in life and most importantly, that we have the power of free will and choice in every thought, act, behavior we exhibit and breath we take.

In that light, suffering is a form of repentance and as such, is an inevitable fact of life that reflects our status as imperfect beings.  It is also the surest path toward redemption and salvation in each of our “personal eternities.”  Notably, suffering acts as a beacon of example to and for others and conducts compassion as powerfully as metal conducts electricity.

Compassion for others leads to the awareness and perspective of the essential and worthy aspects of life:

  • God is the center of the Universe
  • People are the most important thing on earth
  • Caring is the most important sentiment and behavior
  • Loving is the noblest and most valuable of pursuits

Inasmuch as suffering holds us captive and bounds us by its presence, forgiveness releases the control of suffering, frees us from its confinement and illuminates the path toward God.  It can be equally as difficult to experience forgiveness as it is to accept suffering.

As the aged axiom indicates, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  Let us be flattered and rejoice in our suffering in this life.

[This posting is dedicated to my mom, Agnes R Cerkas, who passed away one year ago today, September 10, 2011.  May her light shine brightly in heaven and illuminate my path on earth.  I love you mom.]


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