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Life – Express Yourself

Picasso_self_portrait_1907If you’ve ever taken the time to reflect upon your life and recount the memories of your lifetime, you might notice that the vast majority of those memories were created as expressions.  Expressions of emotion; love, warmth, caring, happiness, joy, gratitude, sharing.  And to be sure, expressions of anger, guilt, regret, sadness, loss, abandonment, fear.

If we are to learn anything about life, observe and remember the elementary lesson of the magnet in science class; opposites attract. 

Together, these paradoxes of emotion ironically create the balance in each of our lives; balance that is necessary to maintain our sanity, to appreciate the good because of the bad, to create more happiness because of past sadness, to foster love because of the knowledge of the voided feelings in the absence of it.

Everything we do, manifests itself via expression.  We speak, we cry, we laugh and we sing.  We share a handshake with an old acquaintance, we smile when recounting the times we experienced with people in our past.

Indeed, to express ourselves is to experience the very essence of life.

If someone would ask you, what it felt like when you became a parent, chances are good you would have immediate recall of the elation, joy, newborn-baby-with-momhope and benevolence of that moment.  And sitting at the other end of the spectrum of life, each of us can surely and vividly recount the angst and despair of losing your parents, along with the eternal nothingness of emotion as if someone had just reached inside your chest and ripped out your heart.

Moving along the timeline of your life, remember the joy of riding your bike the first time without the training wheels?  Innocent happiness created as an expression of joy.  And then there is the feelings of tremendous and overwhelming gratitude when you realize how much your parents sacrificed in their lives, so that you could go to college, have a safe, pleasant and hopeful life as you grew up into adulthood.

Continuing on, recall the immense sense of accomplishment you experienced when you stepped across the threshold of the doorway of the first home you purchased or built.  The excitement and adrenaline rush of passion resulting from that “first kiss” with your wife or first girlfriend.  The peaceful and serene moments as you Fishing_Sunsetwatched in awe of a golden sunset, sitting on the rear deck of your boat, basking in the abundance of human nature, becoming one with earth’s elements; bonding with life itself.

Truly, life is but a collection of expressions.  Paramount, however, is the knowledge that we possess the power to create every single one of those expressions as a result of choice and free will.  I would be remiss as a Spiritual being to overlook the opportunity to remind everyone how crucially important it is to acknowledge this life as a gift to be cherished, fully and deliberately lived; and most importantly, expressed.

Be well.

Amid all that is considered acceptable and that which is not, pure expressions of emotion lie at the center of all we do.  Live life, don’t just watch it go by.



Uplift your Soul to Begin again Anew


With all the pressures of daily life, the drama, the deadlines, the bills and the uncertainty, it’s all so important to regularly remember and focus upon all that is good in America.  The environment that envelopes and holds us captive is, at its core, an unimaginable and breathtaking treasure of peace, solace and beauty.

Take a brief five minutes to remind yourself (again) just how fortunate we are to live in the United States of America.

God Bless America!



Listen to your inner voice as it reminds you how truly lucky you are to be an American.


The American Soldier

This patriot runs true, their will as forged steel;

Each job familiar as breath, their fate both present and real.

The blood that pumps life, the liquid that churns;

     Must not fail their duty, will not neglect their yearns.

For Love of country they dedicate their lives, to guard and to serve, each heart strives;

To challenge all foes, to protect YOUR life; to preserve YOUR freedoms, no matter what strife.

Boots on the ground, thunder in the air, nightmare at sea, razor-sharp skills will defend anywhere;

Mentally, physically, emotionally ready, the American Soldier will die fighting unwavering and steady.

And do this, they do, 24 upon 7, they risk the ultimate, many indeed are in heaven;

Their memories emblazoned for eternity of time and remembered by brethren.

Humble thy be to honor and pray, plead for mercy every night like today;

That this Soldier is blessed and comes home safely to stay.

Their mission you see is above you and me;

Their heart sings, “My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty”.

I am Proud to be an American

Freedom & Liberty

… and the son of a World War II Army Combat Infantry Veteran…

  • Support our Veterans
  • Learn & Know Your Constitution
  • Be Ready to defend Your Country against Harm
  • Never Dishonor the Flag
  • Have Gratitude toward those that served to Protect Your Freedom(s)
  • Demonstrate Patriotism to Others
  • Acknowledge there are Those who Plan to take away Your Freedom(s)
  • Do Your Part to ensure our Government does its part

I am thoroughly moved every time I watch and listen to this – Please Stand Up for America!

Thomas Jefferson on Democracy

“The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
Thomas Jefferson

This is the current state of our country, specific to entitlements from welfare, ‘free’ services supported on the backs of the American taxpayer.  It appears that not much has really changed in America over the past 200 years.  Thomas Jefferson was a friggin’ genius.

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