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Nursing – A Spark of Love that Ignites Humanity

NursingThe immense and breathtaking power and expression of Love is manifested in many ways in this world.  None, however, touch the heart, literally and figuratively, and as powerfully, as the everyday acts of caring exhibited by Nurses everywhere.

At their core, Nurses share a common trait, extraordinary compassion for others.  Whether it involves physically aiding an individual to walk from a hospital bed to the restroom or assisting in an open-heart operation in surgery, Nurses transform that acute sense of compassion into observable, notable and meaningful behaviors that are not only seen with human eyes, but are felt within our hearts.

Surgical RN Kathy Cerkas cradles one of the bright moments of the week in Haiti; a newborn brought into the world by our team

Surgical RN Kathy Cerkas cradles one of the bright moments of the week in Haiti; a newborn brought into the world by our team

I would be remiss not to offer that I believe my words speak authentically to the heart of the matter as I have been married to a Nurse for over 35 years (yes, the same Nurse).  Firsthand experience has ranged from personal witness in the Operating Room to observing an undeniable passion for helping others, whether they be complete strangers, friends, neighbors or family.

Heart_in_Hand_ValuesIt is no wonder, then, that Nurses have been formally endowed and recognized with their own week of adoration and respect.  In reality, they should be recognized in an ongoing fashion; their work is that amazing.  I’m sure every one of us has at least one first-hand memory of witnessing a caring Nurse demonstrate genuine compassion for another human being.

To all Nurses in the world, I humbly and sincerely thank you for your dedication, compassion, application of knowledge and commitment to the health and well-being of your fellow human beings.  Be well.

The Ultimate Time Machine – Your Mind

Growing up as a young teen, I was smitten and fascinated by science and how it intertwined and intersected with my reality of being a Catholic and my belief in God.  Those were my formative years when I was developing my belief and value system, using input from my parents, family and friends, my environment, school and teachers, personal experience and most importantly, my imagination and free will.

The NASA Space Program influenced my desire to be an astronaut, my dad’s work as a mechanic stirred my interest in becoming an engineer, my mom’s compassion for others drove me to help others whenever and wherever I could.  I was a proverbial glob of things and people, a hybrid of sorts in that seemingly, everything interested me to a degree.  The world was mine and I knew it!

The boundary or limitation holding me back, however, from becoming all of these things in life, was time.  Time to read, time to get first-hand experience, time to learn, time to do chores, time to practice the guitar, time to make decisions about my future.  And yes, I can remember being concerned with my future since I was roughly 5 or 6 years old.  Oddly, I also knew that most kids my age were primarily concerned with bubble gum, Mickey Mouse and Schwinn Stingray bicycles.  Without question, however, I accepted my uniqueness as my state of “normal” and simply went on with my life.

I had many times reveled in my ability to transcend time, remembering special events, how lucky I was to be me, a few unpleasant memories (overall, I was really a “good” kid), and the wonderment about what it would be like to live in the future.  I was living what Michael J Fox was acting in his “Back to the Future” trilogy movies.  Life was cool.

Even at that budding young age, I was completely aware of things I could control as well as those that I could not.  Even though I knew little of many things around me, I did know of their existence and felt privileged to be able to choose which ones I wanted to learn more about.  I considered myself extremely “lucky“.

Among many of life’s distractions that consumed my interests were Sherlock Holmes (I read every book), anything to do with Undersea Adventure (Jules Verne, SCUBA diving, shipwrecks and Jacques Cousteau), space exploration and natural science (earth, volcanoes, tornadoes, stalagmites, lightning and thunder, etc.).  The world was my science lab and I was the Not-so-Nutty Professor  (Gilligan’s Island was my favorite television show, along with the Wild, Wild, West and Star Trek).

My point in this trip down “Memory Lane” is precisely that; each of us has the ultimate Time Machine at our disposal – our Mind!   Whether we are remembering aspects of our lives, events and places or conjuring up the future and how we will conquer it, using our imagination and ability to crystalize thoughts into “reality” is one of the greatest gifts we can experience as a human being.

I have always been a firm believer in the power of imagination, to the extent of fervently believing that we can indeed create our future via our thoughts, imagination, free will and energy.  It is no surprise that Michael J Fox is one of my hero’s and favorite actors for his string of hit movies with that oh so cool DeLorean, Mr Fusion and Hoverboard.  It is like winning the lottery of the mind, knowing you will never exhaust resources to create anything your heart desires.

In that respect, being able to transcend time with the power of your mind literally makes us all eternal beings.  When you fondly remember specific moments in time spent with those people physically no longer here (my dad, mom and several special friends, even my best friends in Sampson, my closest Golden Retriever), it is a profoundly powerful awareness and indisputable proof that those people (and pets) are indeed real and will live forever, as long as you include them in your thoughts.

Additionally, when I take the time to consciously re-live memories or stare up at the clouds or stars and let my mind go whenever and wherever I want it to go, it creates within me indescribable feelings of euphoria and gratitude that I am able to do this.  It leaves me energized, optimistic and respectful of what my future holds and provides me an incredible dose of appreciation for life.

So, when you are troubled, frustrated, angry or sad, know that you have the power within you to change those emotions into positive ones of joy, happiness and inspiration, by simply changing your thoughts, creating positive energy and generating immense gratitude for the opportunity to do so.

Well, it’s time for me to create my future, “travel” to have that conversation with my mom & dad, hug my best friend Sampson and create that plan to save the world.  Everything in due time.  Be well my friends.

We Must All Become Neil Armstrong in Our Own Lives

Pushing the envelope of physical limitations, NASA and the space program have proven anything is possible if we “reach for the stars”.  So, why should our personal lives be any different?  The world is filled with obstacles, stumbling blocks and perceived limitations that may force us into an unfulfilled life… but only if we allow it to occur.

As much as Neil Armstrong became an American Hero by speaking that profound statement, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, each of us must follow Armstrong’s lead by living our lives in the same manner, with the same fervor, sharing the same goals, achieving the same personal growth and results.  Indeed, leaving our “mark” for the rest of the world to see.

And as much power, support and capability as NASA provided to the Apollo Space Program and Neil Armstrong, each of us has an even greater force within us to help us reach our personal potential as a human being, sacred spirit and eternal energy force.

Once unleashed, empowered and nurtured, the human spirit is an unstoppable force in the universe.  Our imagination, enthusiasm and self-imposed limits are the only boundaries confining and denying us from reaching our potential.

I have four words to share with you now: “Reach for the stars!”

Re-live that incredible feat by Neil Armstrong on the 20th of July, 1969, when the world held its collective breath and witnessed something never before achieved in the history of mankind:

Live long and prosper Neil Armstrong.  May you rest in peace as you made that final “giant leap” into eternity.

(1930 – 2012)

When the Unthinkable becomes Reality

Whomever coined the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20”, obviously was thinking of life in terms of the simply unexpected or unplanned.  Both situations are polar opposites, however, from the inconceivable, impossible and cataclysmic events that have etched their places in the history of the world via personal accounts, books, newspapers and movies.

Throughout history, unthinkable events have tainted the world and claimed the lives of millions of people.  Prior to each event, most people would never have imagined something that horrific or unthinkable could occur.  From a temporal perspective, some catastrophes lasted but a few hours, where others spanned hundreds of years.  Regardless, each occurred with equally unthinkable results.  The more notable historical events include:

  1. Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 / 25 million dead)
  2. The Titanic – Iceberg Collision (April 15, 1912 / 1,500+ dead)
  3. Joseph Stalin – Russia (1922-1953 / 20+ million dead)
  4. The Holocaust (1933-1945 / 13+ million dead)
  5. Pearl Harbor (Dec 7, 1941 / 2,400+ dead)
  6. Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Aug 6 & 9, 1945 / 200,000+ dead)
  7. World Trade Center Terrorism (Sep 11, 2001 / 3,000+ dead)
  8. Tsunami in Sri Lanka (Dec 26, 2004 / 200,000+ dead)

In contrast to the unthinkable death and destruction events of history, there are equally unthinkable technology and entertainment events and products that serve to expand the imagination of what is possible and real:

  1. Microwave Oven
  2. NASA – Landing a Man on the Moon
  3. Satellite Television
  4. Google
  5. Lord of the Rings
  6. Star Wars
  7. Harry Potter
  8. Iron Man

And so it is with regard to anyone who believes in God.  The Bible, how the Earth was created by God, Religions of the world, reincarnation, Miracles and Judgment Day are all related aspects that to many are unthinkable, while to many more are an accepted “Fact of Life” and real Truth.

As much as people everywhere take things like the Atomic Bomb, Satellite Television, the Computer, Harry Potter and Iron Man for granted and without question, it is equally ironic and surprising that the concept of God, Miracles, Eternal Life and Heaven & Hell become overly scrutinized and labeled by many as impossible, illogical or too incredible.  This author finds that approach very difficult to comprehend indeed.

The true testament to the presence of God is within each of us as human beings and as prophetic as it sounds, the decision whether or not to believe is a personal choice and evidence of free will.  It is only a matter of time until each of us face this Truth; at which time there is no turning back to change one’s mind, as it were.

As Robert Eddison (Knight guarding the Holy Grail) in the Indiana Jones movie, “The Last Crusade”, so stoically and profoundly said, “Choose Wisely”.

The Blurring of America – Technology Bends Reality

If someone were to ask you what is the temperature outside today, you’d likely look for the answer on your radio, television, computer, smartphone or the thermometer hanging outside your kitchen window.  And chances are that most, if not all of these sources would be identical or very close to each other.

When you really think about it, however, each of these historically referenced sources rely on technology or something made by humans to provide information; and answers.  The fact is, that we (humans) create or fabricate literally everything in our world that we consider ‘real’.

Using our core senses (see, hear, smell, touch and taste), we fabricate the experience of the world and environment around us.  Our mind interprets and transforms the information from our physical senses into meaningful and understandable thoughts we then use to generate behavior and reaction to stimuli.

How do we truly ‘know’, however, whether the information we have come to be very, very dependent upon, is in reality, accurate?  The truth of the matter is that we do not know, yet we accept the information as being correct.  And herein, lies the foundation of the ‘blurring’ down of our society.

Every aspect of our lives is impacted, whether it be our jobs, our family, our relationships and profoundly… our future.

When you go to the theater today or play a movie from a DVD, you witness modern technology in all its grandeur, from Avalon, Inception and the Avengers, to E.T., Star Wars and Independence Day.  Contemporary advancements in 3D technology make each experience all the more ‘real’.

And it doesn’t end there; programs like Photoshop and Magix provide the capability to warp or bend reality into something out of the depths of our imagination and make it appear ‘real’.   Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazines were recently in the news addressing accusations from models to stop ‘photo-shopping’ images of subjects in their magazine to make them slimmer, visually more appealing and well, near flawless.  Is this reality?

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Another example of the blurring of America is the current political climate amidst the competition for the next President of the United States that will be elected in less than four months.  Not only is reality being challenged by adverse television advertising by the candidates, but also by the recent hoopla over the digital ‘Birth Certificate’ of our current president.

And  if that isn’t enough to cause you to bang your head repeatedly against the wall, then the major television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) have provided blurring nirvana as a result of the spin they place on political stories of the candidates as well as what stories (they call it News) they decide to cover and what they choose to avoid or overlook in support of their desired political preference.

Artificial Intelligence has become the most blatant and best example of an oxymoron since Jumbo Shrimp.  Today’s world is fast becoming an alternate reality via video games, android robots, animated movies, diet food and artificial leather.  Our lives now better resemble a fiction novel than true living.

You might ask, what is the purpose of life, then?  More importantly, what is the value of life?   ‘We’ can now create new realities via cloning sheep and dogs, growing artificial human organs, generating or reproducing bacteria for study and producing entertainment that can effectively replace what used to be called ‘reality’.

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There is one surefire approach to truth and reality in its empirical form and it exists inside each of us.  Call it your spirit, soul or conscience; it remains the one and only thing in this world that cannot be fabricated or artificially reproduced.   Accordingly, it is the one thing that each of us must cherish more than our physical life as it transcends us into eternity.

Following, the most visible and meaningful manifestation of our spirit or soul, certainly the one way we can best relate to eternity is Love.  Expressing it, experiencing it, sharing it, teaching it, living it, losing it and accepting it are the keys to maintaining a focus on what is real and what is not, along with what is important and what is not.

Rest assured, what is real is what is in your heart and your soul.  Technology is a cheap, insincere and temporary illusion.

Live well, Love well, Think well, Be well.

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