Remembering Adam Cerkas – To Aaron

“Don’t Worry About It”

By now the reality of my leaving has begun to settle in,

The realness of the void that remains lingers for all within.

I want you to know I miss you too, your friendship and Love first…

Your candid approach and caring embrace, for that I’ll forever thirst;

You know this life is but one stroke on the canvas of eternal bliss,

I’m obligated to you, Aaron, to give you a glimpse or I would be remiss…

Of the peace and serenity, the joy and contentment, the gentleness of God’s kiss.

It’s really quite wonderful where I am, I am fulfilled, though my earthly body I miss,

Time as you know it will help to heal your pain, your sorrow; such a loss as this.

There surely will be times when you are lonely and sad, when you feel the need to talk,

All you have to do is look in the mirror and we can always take a walk…

We’ll speak of days past, of times we’ve shared and things we’ve done, that made us who we are,

All the memories, all the laughs and joy… The pain and anger too,

But most of all, we’ll share the Love and bond that only you, my twin, knew.

That Love is forever, that feeling will endure, the air of closeness will never fade…

You mean oh so much to me, brother, for this inseparable fact, we were made.

To think as one, to share each thought, to know how each of our feelings stand,

Others could only imagine and hope, to even have a chance to experience something quite as grand.

Now, I know you have doubts, I know you have fears, of things that might have been,

If you had said this or done that, or gave me a call or stopped by to see your twin.

But, think as you might, don’t give it a thought, don’t burden your hearts desire…

For the story of my life was already written, in biblical times, when the bush burst into fire.

There is nothing that can change the course of our being, God’s plan is forever cast,

We are simply here to live out His thoughts, to learn to Love each other… Until that day which is your single and your last.

So, carry on dear brother, make the most of what you hold… Love your wife, children, Dad and Mom, and Clint and Unc as you are told.

Cherish each day and make a plan to be the best you can; You’ll see the fruits of your fate and toil and become an even better man…

As hectic and complex as this world has become, each of us must seek and live the truth and march to the beat of our own drum.

Remember, life is a gift of unbelievable shine; It is sacred and holy, even a miracle you see, just as when Jesus changed the water into wine,

And remember, I Love you so, as much as I can feel; Remember to speak to me and pray and Love, because that is what is truly real.

The good of this, the change I’ve made in the time I walked and was; Now lives on inside of you, as you see… Love makes a difference, it really does.

Adam J Cerkas (1973 – 2005)

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