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Living in the Shadows – No More

Midwest_AmericaGrowing up in the Midwest, like many red-blooded American adolescents, I was born and raised a Christian, more specifically, a Catholic.  In realistic terms, it meant going to church on Sunday (and Church holidays), being an Altar-Boy serving mass, attending Parochial School, receiving Sacraments (Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, etc.).

But perhaps, the most far-reaching and impactful aspect of being a Christian was learning about, accepting and Believing in God, the Bible, the Ten Commandments, Heaven & Hell, Angels, Miracles and the like.  At times, it was downright interesting, bordering on fascinating.  Most people accepted you for who you were and subsequently, your spiritual life went largely uncontested by others.

ManitowocAs a child, open to learning new things, willing to accept concepts at face value, being able to decide the truth of things and contemplating a logical result, God really didn’t seem that much of a stretch.  In fact, considering the history of the world, cultures, society and the awareness of other “religions”, it appeared to me that many of the primary belief-systems had quite a bit in common with each other.  At a bare minimum, each worshiped a “Supreme Being.”

Life was good, things made sense, people appeared grounded, confident and for the most part, good-natured.  Everyone was generally concerned with each other’s welfare, safety, etc.  In essence, people were civilized.

Manitowoc_DowntownSomewhere along the line, however, beginning in the 60’s, maturing in the 70’s, running rampant in the 80’s, spiraling out of control in the 90’s and then, off the charts at the turn of the century, people began changing their focus inward, toward self-indulgence, worshiping False Gods (technology, entertainment, celebrity, drugs) and eventually, sin itself.  It’s as if people believed God had gone on vacation or had stopped “being” God.

As I’ve matured, I’ve come to realize that Life has really become, anything but simple.  People have collectively and largely, become morally weakened, stressed, frustrated and fearful that God has abandoned, or worse, “left the building”.  It’s as if the bright light at the end of the tunnel, eternally shining as a beacon of hope, direction and support, had mysteriously been vanquished, snuffed out and replaced with Darkness, uncertainty, fear and turmoil.

Our indomitable Christian Spirit had been broken and the Hope for true Life and a future in Heaven became dim and precariously vulnerable to extinction.

In hindsight, it’s no wonder atheism has grown, same-sex relationships have blossomed and genuine concern for each other as human beings and Children of God has all but become a thing of the past.  What was once considered an “R” rated movie is now an unfortunate norm on daily and weekly network and cable television series.

Broken_FaithWe have effectively been “downgraded” as a species, no less, by ourselves; and a likewise, self-inflicted and universal lack of faith.   What was once the majority in the United States, i.e., Christianity, morally grounded behavior and values; has now become viewed as “out of touch”, old-fashioned (emphasis on old), and lame.

Pretty grim story thus far, yes?  Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be that way; unless you truly wish it to be true.  Each of us creates our own future by our free will, choices, thoughts, behaviors and actions.

Returning to that young Catholic boy who went to church, prayed every night before bed, served mass on a weekly basis and wondered in awe of the Goodness of God and the notion of a magnificent future in Heaven…  that boy has grown up and matured into an insightful, caring, confident man, rooted in faith, who REFUSES to cave in to the moral corruption and decay of society.

I have never been, am not and will not be nor view myself as a victim.  To the contrary, my future is secure, my purpose is clear and my actions demonstrate my confidence in what awaits me after my physical body expires.  Believe me, it is BEAUTIFUL!

white_lily_and_crucifix.jpgPerspective is a much maligned word, previously confined primarily to drawing, art and geometry.  For me, perspective has become a foundational brick in the wall of my Faith.  It is an essential element by which understanding of God, life, purpose and most notably, self; is very possible, realistic and visible, i.e., REAL.

I’ve lived and experienced too many “coincidences” in life, too many exceptions to the rules, too unlikely a circumstance to naively think and/or conclude there is no God, no eternal life, no miracles, no Angels…  no Accountability or Consequences to sin.

To the contrary, God (simply) is, Heaven (simply) awaits us, evil (simply) attempts to devour and consume us, and Love (simply) conquers all.

“I’d rather live my life believing in God and then die, to find out I was wrong; than to live my life in a forlorn mental capacity, believing that life is but a cosmic accident, waiting for the “end” and then die, to find out I was wrong and missed the entire lesson that God Himself intended and designed for me to experience, learn and grow in spirit.”

Wizard_of_OzTo each person that calls him/herself a Christian, I challenge you to step out from the Shadows of your fears and your life; and publicly proclaim your belief in God and His way of Life, to your spouse, parents, family, friends and those close to you.  Begin living your life in a manner for which you can be proud, when the “Exit” sign is illuminated at the end of your journey/path.

All it takes is a bit of Courage, Heart and Wisdom.  Be well.




Is Spirituality the Zeitgeist of our Lifetime?

Lava_LampFads come and go, movie stars flash and burn, new products are created and devolve into the ether…  so what makes a construct like Spirituality not only become popular, but dominate an era of humanity?

Perhaps it’s the mystery of the supernatural, or the need to address desperation, or the fascination with the Rubiks_CubeHollywood-like nature of the imagination.  For this human being, it is the reality (note, I did not say probability) of the Truth and the desire to serve a God that is good, forgiving, loving and kind.

For each of us to flourish as intelligently designed human beings, we must acknowledge, accept, determine and develop the spirit and essence that defines us in eternity and to each other.

“Profoundly, to acknowledge our eternal spirituality and nature, is to likewise, acknowledge the existence and magnificence of God!”

What more noble purpose could there be in life?

Throughout the sundial of humanity on Earth, various modes of thought dominated specific era’s as approaching storms on the horizon:

Celtic_Eternal_LifeAs each of these examples appeared, developed and either left or evolved; at the time of their dominance and/or popularity, they were commonly accepted as the current norm and “Way of Life”.  By this, I mean that they went largely unchallenged and were deemed as the “Truth” by society in general.

In the past 30-40 years, a theme of Religious Enlightenment has been slowly building in presence and frequency as does a time-lapse photograph of a maturing tree.  As it occurs, one doesn’t really grasp the brevity of the unfolding trend until it reigns in ubiquity like the “dog days of summer”.

And so it is presently with regard to Spirituality.  Indeed, as Art imitates Life, it is reflected in our society’s art via the Hollywood film industry as it has produced movies including:

Profoundly, to acknowledge our eternal spirituality and nature, is to likewise, acknowledge the existence and magnificence of God!  Be well.

“Prayer is the Ultimate Conversation”

The Pursuit of Perfection in Perspective

Aaron-Rodgers-Super-Bowl-Sports-Poster-PrintYou’ve heard it all before; Sacrifice, persistence, practice, focus and commitment.  In all walks of life, the pursuit of perfection is a common journey, whether it be in professional sports, careers or any other venture.  Additionally, the dedication required to pursue perfection is not a sometime thing, it is many times a lifetime endeavor.

Examples in professional sports includes winning the Super Bowl in the NFL (National Football League), pitching a perfect game in MLB (Major League Baseball), winning a Gold Medal in the Olympics, bowling a perfect game of 300, winning the Boston Marathon, and on and on and on.Olympic_Gold_Medal

In the business world, it includes being the most profitable, creating that “New Thing” product (like the iPad or iPhone), Google Search Engine, a successful or perfect merger or acquisition, become the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a notable company, being honored with a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, a Nobel Peace Prize, or becoming President of the United States.

Steve_JobsIndeed, the pursuit of perfection requires steadfast dedication, fervent preparation, unwavering commitment and mostly, hard work and focus.  As human beings, the pursuit of perfection itself has almost reached “cult” status as we hear and read story after story after story of some individual or team accomplishing the seemingly impossible.

So then, let’s turn to Faith.  As Christians, we are already painfully aware of our imperfections as human beings.  We also acknowledge the existence of only ONE flawless, perfect Supreme or Divine Being; God.  To the point, considering the larger picture of our existence in the universe, which pursuit of perfection is (or should be) more important?  Is it sports or business, a hobby or perhaps our spiritual well-being that is manifested by our human and physical life?New_Year_Resolutions

I offer that if people dedicated as much energy, focus and attention to their spiritual lives and faith as they (we) do to sports, jobs/careers and hobbies/personal interests, that the world would a more peaceful place and provide an even better opportunity to live, grow, share and experience Love and Joy.

But, we have to first ask ourselves and as an understatement, be honest with ourselves; what are the priorities in our lives?  Are they respectively, God/Faith, Family, Country and Career?  Or, could it be that we sometimes have these items in a different order?  The obvious answer, of course, is that many times we do; because we are in fact, imperfect beings.  Let us not, however, use this fact as a crutch or excuse to prevent or deny ourselves from making changes (Real Changes)  in our lives that will enable each of us to live more disciplined lives and ultimately, become closer to God.

GodRinging in a New Year is always an apropos time to consider, evaluate and establish these types of changes or commitments.  They are truly meaningless, however, if we do not fully engage our complete selves and commit to making them happen.  And, most importantly, to regularly and frequently assess our progress in reaching or striving to achieve each one.

I contend that caring and nurturing for our spiritual being or self is hands-down not only the most critical or essential aspect of our entire existence as human beings, it without doubt is also the most challenging.

Let us pray to find the unwavering courage, commitment and faith to do just that in 2013, and forward.   God bless us all.

Good Vibrations – Energy at the Speed of Life

Truth_2At the intersection of Science and Religion, lives Truth.

Having been born and raised a Catholic, it’s very easy to get caught up in the details and nuances of church and religion.  So much so, that chances are very good that many Catholics miss the fundamentals of consciousness, eternal life and true salvation; i.e., the core elements of Supreme Divinity interwoven throughout the Bible and Scripture.

Indeed, there is a grand canyon of difference between “how to live a good life” and “what is life?”.  Both are supremely relevant statements to the concept of eternal life, salvation and redemption.  It is analogous to “how to drive an airplane” versus “how does an airplane fly?”

The first statements of both comparisons preoccupy most people interested in either, whereas, the second set of questions more than likely elude the majority of people, primarily because they are inherently more difficult questions to answer, analyze and even contemplate.

PerspectiveMy focus of this effort is getting a better grip on what constitutes “life” or perhaps, to simply share with you some thinking “outside the box.”  From a purely academic standpoint, life has already been defined quite elegantly; elegantly, that is, within the boundaries of life as we physically know it.  But what about life in the metaphysical sense?  Ah yes, put on the pressure suit, for we are about to take a “deep dive” into philosophy and theology.

As a Catholic, I grew up surrounded by many “things” specific to the Catholic Church, like priests, nuns, mass, confession, prayers, cassock and surplice (altar boy garments).  Besides the obvious, however, there are several other details I never really thought about much as a young Catholic.  Things like the significance of the votive candles, the choir (singing) at mass, the group recital of prayers (almost chant-like in delivery).

Let’s circle back to life, shall we?  As a high school student I was simply fascinated with science and explaining how things “worked”.  Especially interesting, at least to me, was physics class and the study of energy, matter and the “Laws of Physics”.  At its elemental stage, everything in the universe is pretty much energy and the empirical rule I learned is that energy is never lost, but simply changes forms.  Like a solid, when melted, become liquid, and upon heating beyond its boiling point, it becomes a gas.  Amazingly, regardless of the “state” of the material, energy is preserved.

eyeThroughout our world our senses were designed and have evolved to enable us to experience life.  We see, we hear, we touch, we taste and smell.  Sight requires light and hearing requires atmosphere; both constitute waves as in light waves and sound waves.  Most importantly, at a molecular and further at an atomic level, light and sound waves vibrate.  All vibration is made up of energy pulsations of positive and negative polarity. We call that “frequency.”  It is the way we classify different expressions of energy.

Most people know sound for example is vibration, and a very powerful vibration at that. Loud noises cause windows and other structures to vibrate, and indeed a sound of a high enough pitch or amplitude can cause fragile objects to shatter completely.

The frequency range of perception of the ear of the average human is from around twenty vibrations per second, up to around twenty thousand vibrations per second. Moving up the vibrational scale we reach electricity at around one billion vibrations per second. Moving up the vibrational scale further still we encounter heat at two hundred billion vibrations per second. Further up the scale the spectrum of visible colors vibrate in a range of around five hundred Vibrationbillion vibrations per second, and yet higher still is the invisible spectrum of color including infra-red and ultra-violet. And so we can move further progressively up through the levels of vibration, still manifesting as Energy known to science, until we reach the higher levels where we encounter x-rays which vibrate at around two trillion vibrations per second.

In reality, every piece of matter vibrates, some, however, so slowly it cannot be perceived by the human senses.  Rocks, water, oxygen, sand, etc., all are constantly vibrating.  Even our bodies and everything within them, vibrate.  Collectively, our world and universe is one gigantic vibration of energies.

One of the best examples to illustrate vibration (or motion) is a bicycle wheel.  At rest, all the spokes of the wheel are easily seen and Bicycle_Wheelrecognized.  As the wheel begins to spin/turn however, faster and faster, the spokes all but disappear as if they are invisible.  Now, being the intelligent beings that we are, we know with certainty that the spokes exist, regardless of not being able to see them when the wheel is turning at a high RPM (revolutions per minute), yes?

So, imagine, an entity, lets simply call it our spirit or soul, and by its nature, exists by vibrating at such a high rate that our human senses are unable to detect it or physically see it.  Given that scenario, how would we know it exists or where it might be at any one point in time?  Now, compare the bicycle wheel again.  For the sake of example, lets assume the bicycle wheel only exists in the world by turning at a very high RPM, and accordingly, the spokes are never able to be seen by the human senses.  Does that mean then that the spokes do not exist or are not real?  Hardly.

Specifically, the emotions we choose to feel each have their own frequency.  Fear and anger are heavy vibration and a low frequency. At the root of fear and anger are feelings of powerlessness or vulnerability.  In contrast, peace, calmness, love and harmony are light emotionsvibrations with a high frequency.  When we stay calm and centered, we sustain a high vibration and we are empowered. When we retain this energy, we can speak truth, live with integrity and project authenticity.

Animals respond to frequencies of which we as humans are not aware. A dog growls (knows) if you are frightened of it, and a horse will immediately know if you are scared and it will respond accordingly.

Without question, our goal, then, should be to achieve and maintain higher vibration (frequency) in our archangel-michael-holy-cardlives.  The behaviors that support those higher frequencies are characterized by peace, goodwill, positive thinking, love and calmness.  These behaviors resonate from our selves and attract similar frequencies.  Conversely, anger, fear, hatred and jealously, similarly attract like frequencies.

The merging of science and religion, which at the surface, appear completely counter-intuitive and perhaps even polar opposites, in reality, truly makes sense when viewed together as an interdependent system.  Further constructs like Angels, Eternal Life, Heaven and yes, Hell, are plausible and can be considered real and exist.

What’s your frequency?

References: Spiritual Laws – The Law of Frequency or Vibration

Science of Vibration in Every Aspect of the Physical World

Vibration a Fundamental Characteristic of Energy

Incomprehensible Truths – Reality without Discourse

Like most children in elementary, secondary and high school, most of us were taught to learn, appreciate and recognize facts to explain the world around us, to prove hypotheses and to understand why things work or are the way they are.  We have been conditioned to constantly seek cause/effect relationships, to conduct experiments, look for patterns and document results with the intent to demonstrate mastery over the unknown and likewise serve as examples of discovery.

This factual world we now live in, however, as fervently as it tries, still cannot explain nor comprehend certain “incomprehensible truths” that concretely and unequivocally exist for all to witness without mortal comprehension or explanation.  Yet, as inexplicable as these events are to the human eye, mind and soul, they are profoundly “real”, critically “meaningful” and plainly “revealing” of the degree of Life we know little about, speak constantly to, yet absently avoid seeking to understand.

A dictionary definition of Incomprehensible is: “Incapable of being understood” and “Limitless, Boundless”

Everyday examples of “Incomprehensible Truths”:

  • We’ve all first-person witnessed or heard about an individual on death’s bed or having been given “months to live” as a result of a terminal illness or prognosis.  Yet, against all odds of recovery, miraculously is cured (healed) without explanation, reason or logic.  Prayer is the most plausible explanation followed closely by Divine Intervention.
  • Numerous articles documenting a person that has clinically “died”, many times for a lengthy amount of time that

    Painting copyrighted by Danny Hahlbolm

    reason and logic indicate should result in brain damage, severe complications or death; then, miraculously, has come “back to life”.  Science has no answers, save a miracle.  These experiences are commonly referred to as NDE’s (Near Death Experiences).  In some cases, I’d call them DE’s (Death Experiences).  In all examples, they could realistically represent the eternal life and/or the existence of a soul.

  • Dating back to 330 B.C., Aristotle empirically concluded the Earth was a sphere, however, many other cultures did not truly agree with or support this “theory” until the late 17th century.  Applied Geography and Astronomy were limited in scope, theory and consensus.  Most people and cultures believed, as a result of limited knowledge and science, that the earth was in fact, either a flat disc or surface, resulting in the perceived fear of falling off or sailing off the “edge”.
  • In 1895, Lord Kelvin uttered his now infamous quote, “Heavier-than-Air Flying Machines are Impossible” .  Well, we pretty much know how that story ended… or more appropriately perhaps, began.  Related topics include space flight, “light years”, and the Universe.

All of these examples illustrate the importance and presence of an independent variable, i.e., time.   At the time or era specific to these comprehensions, this mode of thinking was considered an Incomprehensible Truth.  It went without question or challenge that this is simply how the world works or the specific limits of our existence; at the time.  Likewise, each example underscores the need for us to be Bold and question/challenge any or all facets of our life, existence, environment and thought.

In a converse approach, one of my Incomprehensible Truths is that each of us has a soul or spirit, unique as our fingerprint, that inhabits and controls our minds during each of our physical lives.  At the moment of death, the soul separates from the physical body and continues to survive, or more aptly, live on into eternity.  To the primitive limitations of the physical human senses, the separation of body and soul is indiscernible, inexplicable and to many, non-existent.

Out of sight, out of mind, however, has never been one of my mindsets.  Each to their own and mine to me.  I choose to believe in eternal life and a God of Creation as opposed to a singularly mortal or physical existence with a void at the end of it.  That is the beauty of Free Will and the difference between human beings and other life forms.

Believing without Seeing – Normalizing Faith

It is said that on average, approximately 86% of us believe in God.  In itself, that number is staggering when one considers the not-so-nice realities of life, i.e., murder, violent crime, robbery, lawsuits, domestic abuse, wars, etc.  We have invariably all become desensitized, to a degree, to this ‘anti-love’ that seems to be continuously escalating all around us.

Yet, the vast majority of us still ‘believe‘.  Does that sound incredible to you?  Does it even appear rational or logical?  Let’s look at this phenomenon from a different perspective, or appropriately, in a different light.

In many ways, our individual lives are on ‘auto-pilot’ to a much higher degree than most of us  are willing to admit, acknowledge or even accept.  When you place that bag of popcorn in the microwave oven and push the button labeled popcorn, you fully expect to be eating popcorn in less than three minutes.  You also fully expect to hear the sound of the corn popping and the bag to slowly inflate as the kernels are popped.  But do you actually see the transformation occurring or do you simply and only witness the popcorn bag get bigger while hearing it pop?

When you visit your doctor to get an x-ray of your arm, you undoubtedly remember hearing and seeing the machine methodically hover over your arm as you keep it perfectly still.  Without question, you believe the subsequent x-ray picture the doctor shares with you represents your anatomy as opposed to someone else’s.  In reality, however, did you witness first-hand the development of that x-ray from the time it was taken to the time you review it with your doctor?  The logical answer is of course, no.  You simply believe it is what you think it is.

Both of these examples involve trusting and believing in something or expecting something to happen as a direct result of some action.  Both examples demonstrate “believing without seeing”.  And so it is precisely with regard to faith as it pertains to God or religion.

We have either been taught or have reached a conclusion via personal experience or research that God is real (as are microwave ovens and x-rays) and we subsequently believe without ever having physically seen God.  We reach the same result of belief by witnessing symptoms of God in the world around us, much like we reach the result of beliefs in technology or science by witnessing symptoms of related behavior in the world around us.

We associate the well-intended actions and wishes of others with the power of God working in other people’s lives, we connect the dots of seemingly unrelated events occurring in sequence, resulting in an individual being saved from harm or death.  We witness the unique circumstances of a person unwittingly being in a particular place at a particular time to experience a life-changing action.  Or, we experience the indescribable and breathtaking beauty of a sunset, mountain, cloud formation or natural phenomenon.

When viewed using these analogies, having faith is truly and fundamentally no different than believing in microwave ovens or x-ray technology.  Without fail, however, people question the existence of God and faith while never bothering to question how a microwave oven works (or that it works) as well as the seemingly magical x-ray picture as a perfect representation of the inside of your body.

As Mr. Spock would say as he has so many times in Star Trek, “This is highly illogical”.  In many ways, we have been conditioned to question the validity of faith and God, while having been equally conditioned to simply accept the reality and truth of technology and science.

Faith, as a concept or even as a tangible thing, is really no different at all from any other concept or thing in our world and environment, i.e., radiation, fire, television, water, the air that we breathe.

The important point in all of this and in life, is to consider our lives and our experiences, and then to reach our own conclusions about what is real, what is imaginary and what we choose to believe and believe in.  The distilled essence, of course, is what represents truth along with “what is truth?”

“Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.”  –  Thomas Jefferson

Excerpt from – Not in Vein

I’d like to share with you another excerpt from my book (work in progress) entitled “Not In Vein”.  The portion below is from Chapter One – The Context of eternity.  Please provide comments and feedback, including suggestions as I need input from others in the process of creating a final product.

Thank you in advance for your help.  I hope it is meaningful to you as well as providing you enjoyable reading.  Be well!

<beginning of excerpt>

The Context of eternity

The Incredible Nature of Life and Death

“Life is eternal, love is immortal and death is only a horizon.  Life is eternal as we move into the light and the horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.”     Carly Simon

Throughout most of our lives, we subsist in routines that involve and encompass sleeping, eating, working, talking, moving and physical ‘maintenance’.  We have conditioned ourselves to exist in a pseudo ‘auto life’ mode.

For most adults, these activities typically consume in excess of 90% of our time every day.  When you consider the importance of life itself, much less the meaning of life, this leaves the remaining pittance of 10% or 2-3 hours per day at a maximum, to be reserved for introspection and spiritual development.

That very small fragment of existence occupying our lives seems hardly adequate to do any sort of justice to our spiritual being, much less enable its growth.

Certainly, it is time that should be in high demand, well-planned and then deliberately spent contemplating, acknowledging and then, living.

Real life, indeed, is genuinely experienced within those fleeting yet precious moments of excitement, laughter, tears, agony, sadness, gratitude, humility and joy.

When you strip away all the distractions that occupy the vast majority of our time spent living, it is precisely those briefly spent memories of emotions that ultimately transcend our existence on earth, yet continuously shape our thoughts and actions in the here and now.

Strikingly, it is these experiences that create the cherished and meaningful memories that last our lifetime, and then some.

So, why is it then that we spend such a small percentage of our time attending to our emotional and spiritual well-being?

In the big scheme of things, we have allowed ourselves to become very high maintenance and very low introspective creatures that are somewhat easily distracted by our physical senses.  Bachelor Pad, American Idol, Entertainment Weekly, Angry Birds, eBay, Facebook and Twitter; need I say more?

< end of excerpt>

When the Unthinkable becomes Reality

Whomever coined the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20”, obviously was thinking of life in terms of the simply unexpected or unplanned.  Both situations are polar opposites, however, from the inconceivable, impossible and cataclysmic events that have etched their places in the history of the world via personal accounts, books, newspapers and movies.

Throughout history, unthinkable events have tainted the world and claimed the lives of millions of people.  Prior to each event, most people would never have imagined something that horrific or unthinkable could occur.  From a temporal perspective, some catastrophes lasted but a few hours, where others spanned hundreds of years.  Regardless, each occurred with equally unthinkable results.  The more notable historical events include:

  1. Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 / 25 million dead)
  2. The Titanic – Iceberg Collision (April 15, 1912 / 1,500+ dead)
  3. Joseph Stalin – Russia (1922-1953 / 20+ million dead)
  4. The Holocaust (1933-1945 / 13+ million dead)
  5. Pearl Harbor (Dec 7, 1941 / 2,400+ dead)
  6. Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Aug 6 & 9, 1945 / 200,000+ dead)
  7. World Trade Center Terrorism (Sep 11, 2001 / 3,000+ dead)
  8. Tsunami in Sri Lanka (Dec 26, 2004 / 200,000+ dead)

In contrast to the unthinkable death and destruction events of history, there are equally unthinkable technology and entertainment events and products that serve to expand the imagination of what is possible and real:

  1. Microwave Oven
  2. NASA – Landing a Man on the Moon
  3. Satellite Television
  4. Google
  5. Lord of the Rings
  6. Star Wars
  7. Harry Potter
  8. Iron Man

And so it is with regard to anyone who believes in God.  The Bible, how the Earth was created by God, Religions of the world, reincarnation, Miracles and Judgment Day are all related aspects that to many are unthinkable, while to many more are an accepted “Fact of Life” and real Truth.

As much as people everywhere take things like the Atomic Bomb, Satellite Television, the Computer, Harry Potter and Iron Man for granted and without question, it is equally ironic and surprising that the concept of God, Miracles, Eternal Life and Heaven & Hell become overly scrutinized and labeled by many as impossible, illogical or too incredible.  This author finds that approach very difficult to comprehend indeed.

The true testament to the presence of God is within each of us as human beings and as prophetic as it sounds, the decision whether or not to believe is a personal choice and evidence of free will.  It is only a matter of time until each of us face this Truth; at which time there is no turning back to change one’s mind, as it were.

As Robert Eddison (Knight guarding the Holy Grail) in the Indiana Jones movie, “The Last Crusade”, so stoically and profoundly said, “Choose Wisely”.

The Interview with God

If you have never seen this brief video, I recommended watching it as it will, at a minimum, spark and provoke deep thoughts about human life, and at a maximum, remind you of our very limited knowledge of our life, the universe, and beyond.  Enjoy!

All comments and dialogue are welcome.  Be well.

Note: Go to Fullscreen, turn up your volume and choose HD for an amazing experience


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