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The Exit Interview With God

Autumn_Leaves_FallingThere are few things in life that last forever, yes?  Friends come and go, material wealth graces and eludes us, that incredible ’69 Camaro SS that made my heart “race” as a teenager…  Gone!  The perfect job we thought was immortal, well yes, that’s history too, baby.  Even that hand-painting your 3 year-old child presented you for Christmas; oh yes, do you know where it is today?  Take heed, my friend.Camaro_69_SS_Mikes

“You see, temporary is the nature of the world, with the exception of; the world.  We are but leaves falling to the ground in the context of layers of soil.  That’s not to say, however, that our lives are meaningless; to the contrary, our spirit/soul is indeed eternal, yet our physical “mechanism” that ingests and decodes the world around us, is but a layer of sorts that merely provides us some definition to others.”

Most of uChildrens_Drawings have seen and/or heard the classic “Interview with God“.  It speaks of the conversation one creative mind cleverly coined and shared to enable us to imagine what a one-on-one with the “Big Guy” might entail.  And, without hesitation in saying, it is superb in its ability to transport each of us at the speed of light into crystal clear imagery as if we were Walter Cronkite on the set of the CBS Evening News.

And so it will likewise be for each of us upon our admittedly inevitable physical deWalter_Cronkiteath, as if leaving the “job of a lifetime“, ultimately parting ways with our Boss.  Imagine, if you will, yourself in the Hot Seat, facing God.  There is no film crew, no producer, no-one else, and certainly and ironically, no exit.

Let’s be very, very candid, here, shall we?  Much like “A Christmas Carol“, each of us knows deep within our hearts that this “Exit Interview” is by nature, completely and exclusively binary.  In other words, it will either go very well or very badly.  And it will be wholly and duly upon each of us, to a person, to determine which outcome will become our “reality check”.

I envision a dialogue that goes something like this:

God: “Well, Michael, the fact that you and I are here means your earthly life has reached its pre-destined conclusion.  Do you know who I am?”

Me: “Yes, Lord. You are God.”

God: “And Michael, because you were born, raised and lived a Catholic, do you know Why you are here?”

Me: “Yes, Lord. This is my Judgment Day, to account for my life on earth, accept your assessment of my life, and receive your judgment for the good, the bad I did in my life and to what degree I utilized the gifts you gave me at birth”.

God: “Very good, Michael.  Let’s get started, shall we?”

Me:  “Yes Lord, I am yours”.

God: “Michael, although everyone experiences their own personal and detailed assessment of their life, this review is not focused solely on you.  Do you understand?”

Me: “No, not really, Lord.  Can you explain?”

God: “You see, Michael, the totality and significance of your life, most assuredly includes every thought, action and reaction you created while on earth.  It also reflects, however, the impact, good and bad, your actions and words had on every person whose presence and light you touched during your life.”

Me: “Every person, Lord?”

God: “Indeed, every living thing that I have created on earth, whether it be animal, plant, and most certainly, people.  It is precisely and inclusively, the collective impact of these interactions, that define your existence on earth and importantly, work together to become your judgment now.  Everyone’s, precisely, your words and actions, influenced others thoughts, decisions, actions and reactions.  The earthly experience is truly a dynamic, interactive and causal environment.  Empirically, one you are responsible and accountable for at present.  May I proceed?”

Me: “Yes, Lord.  This is amazing, I had no idea how many and whose lives I have affected during my lifetime.  I only wish I would have realized this during my life on earth.”

God: “Surprisingly, many others share your wonderment, Michael, yet, will still be accountable for their lives as you are now.  Every spirit you elevated, every one you helped, ridiculed, harmed, supported, nurtured and prayed for, indeed, every emotion that resulted from your words and actions, even unknown to you then, have been recorded in reservation for this moment.  Make no mistake, Michael, yours and everyone’s lives have immense value and significance; to me and to everyone whose life you touched.”

Me (stunned): “Please continue, Lord.”

And so it continued, until every facet and impact of my life upon others was reviewed and accounted for, and my collective judgment was given by God, and acknowledged and accepted by me; for eternity.  The incredible relevance and context of this scenario is that each/every person’s life has tremendous and immeasurable value, meaning and most assuredly, consequence.  Let this awareness guide you in your journey, cause you to emphasize and demonstrate kindness, forgiveness, humility, empathy, compassion and gratitude; and let it begin this instant.  Be well, and most importantly, just Believe.


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