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The Redeeming POWER of Forgiveness

Camaro_69_SS_MikesAs a car freak growing up, I learned from my dad about tuning and rebuilding engines.  Integral to acquiring any significant knowledge or insight about mechanical things like engines, is the ability to diagnose problems.  I learned that the most effective way to troubleshoot and resolve them, was by learning to look for and recognize symptoms; a leaking vacuum line, an improperly adjusted carburetor (lean or rich), a bad spark plug wire, engine timing not properly set, etc.

Symptoms are like clues that when properly observed and considered collectively, can lead you to discovering the root cause of a problem.  And so it is with life.

Most of life’s problems are not mysterious or elusive.  Whether it be depression, anger, paranoia or obsession, most of life’s Griefchallenges involve hurt feelings, abandonment, betrayal and yes, other people.  The inability to deal with these feelings prevents the negative energy from leaving your spirit and self, much like trapped air in the brake lines of your vehicle.

In both scenarios, you and your car are unable to function in a normal capacity. The fix for your vehicle is pretty simple, either take it to a repair professional or bleed the lines of air yourself.  The only variable is cost.  The fix for your self, however, may be a bit more involved, but nonetheless, is very achievable and unlike your vehicle, will be accompanied with intense feelings of relief, liberation, peace, energy and Healing.

“The magic solution to many of life’s problems?  Very simple; forgiveness.  When a person holds on to negative energy from previous hurtful experiences, it entraps them, much like a jail cell confines a prisoner.  You become a prisoner trapped by your own emotions.  And in a damaging sense, this negative energy accumulates within you.”

In many instances, you won’t even realize you are holding on to these feelings. Discovering the root cause of emotional pain can be elusive and the best approach to identify it is reflection and self-evaluation.  And perhaps even more difficult than identifying the source of your pain is, once found, convincing yourself to transform that pain into positive energy by deliberately and consciously committing to forgive whomever is at the other end of your pain.  This is No small feat!

“The unmistakable and inexplicable sense of peace and balance, however, comes simply by letting go of the pain, releasing the negative energy built up in your spirit and mind, honestly and genuinely forgiving another human being…  for being human.”

Sunset background25And once you have forgiven your transgressor, you (and them) will experience the  incredible sense of cleansing and redeeming POWER that forgiveness creates within you.  Indeed, each of us at various points in our lives has desired to be forgiven by someone else whose life we have  adversely impacted, whether it was deliberate or unintentional.

What are the symptoms of the need for forgiveness?  Anger, guilt, regret, anxiety, stress, and even depression.  Most of these symptoms the average person encounters in their life, worst case, on a daily basis.  It doesn’t take a deep dive to discern that this type of negative energy can quickly accumulate inside a person and actually impact their physical well-being.  Without question, it can and does impact your spiritual well-being.

This time of year, Christmas, is a most appropriate time for personal reflection, analysis and yes, forgiveness.  You owe it to yourself and others in your life, to take the first step toward whatever reconciliation opportunity is present in your life.  And most profoundly and importantly, many times, the first person you need to forgive is yourself.

Take the first step toward renewal and strengthening of your relationships, and let it begin with you.  Be well.


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