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Boundaries Need Not Apply

Boundaries_MapViewed as weak by many, those who know their own boundaries and acknowledge their weaknesses are many times, the strongest people you will meet or know in your life.  Without question, we are all taught to accentuate the positive, or in practical terms, leverage our strengths.  And while that is a good strategy, it is equally essential to know your boundaries, what I like to call your development areas.

At the most fundamental level, boundaries are simply our way to organize, categorize, label and make sense of the world around us.  For the most part, they are useful and effective in helping manage our lives.

In a spiritual view, knowing your boundaries can serve as a powerful mindset, fromCrown_of_Thorns the perspective of knowing when a situation or task is simply out of control, or more specifically, out of your control; revealing the need to seek assistance from other sources.  Having this knowledge and taking this approach to life not only reduces anxiety and stress, but also shines the spotlight on those moments and those situations where prayer, faith and trust, live and repeatedly demonstrate the reality and magnificent presence of God.


One area that represents very fertile ground and offers ample opportunity to prove this approach is personal relationships.  As assuredly as no two people think, act or react the same to any given situation or environment, there are inherent boundaries that are defined for each individual and mark the extent of their personal control over it.

Recognizing when one reaches or exceeds those boundaries, leaves the door open to faith, trust and perhaps, fate.  Knowing those boundaries and still worrying about situational outcomes only serves to undermine your energy, attitude, health and personal effectiveness.

Taking positive action, on the other hand, is a much, much healthier tactic, sets a desirable example for others to witness and follow, and above all, is good for the soul.

“As much as we have been conditioned to act, remain busy and Do; depending upon the situation, sometimes doing nothing, or positively
put, inaction, is the most effective and healthy course of “action” to pursue.  Indeed, it can in fact, be a liberating experience to avoid investing and injecting time and energy into an effort that will yield little or no return as well as posing a potential risk to your reputation, first impression, health or well-being.”

Without question, to know yourself is to know your boundaries.  Each of us must refuse to allow the world to define us and instead, be proactive and courageous to define ourselves for others in the world to see.  We create our identity by our thoughts, words and actions.  It is as much about what we Do as it is about what we choose Not to do.  Profoundly, we create our own boundaries.  What are yours?

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