Is Faith an Instinct?

Academy_AwardI marvel at American culture and society as both are viewed as experts at the fabrication of self-serving “truths” which subsequently serve as guidelines for future expectations and norms.  Indeed, (collectively) it has produced “reality television” and the self-admiration society via The Emmy’s, Oscar’s, People’s Choice, Golden Globe’s, Grammy’s, etc., ad nauseam.

We are great!  Just ask us and we’ll tell you.  In fact, we have self-indulged to the point that many people have come to worship actors, television series, people’s lives, technology, pets, social media and even their cellphones!  Can you say “False Gods?”  (I knew you could).

Seriously, as an understatement, American society has regressed, or should I say, digressed, to the point of spending a vast majority of our waking moments fixated on inanimate, grossly unimportant and borderline OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) behaviors.

Likewise, we (collectively) have gravitated toward irresponsible, unaccountable, immature and brazenly poor judgment about life, priorities, personal decisions and values.  By most measures, we are behaviorally and socially “Going to Hell in a Handbasket.”

We spend the lion’s share of our lives pursuing these things at the expense of truly appreciating, valuing and teaching the essence and significance of our lives to our children; and then in the same breath, wonder in amazement as we repeatedly see mass shootings, violent crimes, total and utter disregard for human life, immoral behavior and absent accountability from our children, all at shockingly young ages.

And we wonder why?

Easter_CrucifixYet, at that ever-so-conspicuous point in each of our lives (right before death), we magically “find” and beg God for forgiveness and plead for just one more day of life, or one more day with some person, or one more chance to “get it right.”  Pretty pathetic, yes?

Looking back from that forward “place”, where has God gone?  Why has He abandoned that person?   Isn’t God supposed to be all-forgiving, kind and eternally loving?  Funny, I don’t recall ever hearing about God’s Greatness, even His existence, from so many of the people I see, know and/or observe as I interact with them on a regular basis.

In essence, God has become the instant gratification deity like a pacifier to a child.  And then, when WE determine we no longer need God, we conveniently and expeditiously return Him to the remote corners of our brains and our lives.  Sound familiar?

I have developed and drawn my own hypothesis about God, specifically, the vehicle of Faith as it serves to acknowledge, reveal, summon and interact, with God.

“Largely, I believe faith is an instinct, as is breathing, sleeping, loving and yes, even dying.”

It is primarily involuntary as evidenced by all the professional athletes that point skyward or perform the “Sign of the Cross” both before and/or after a successful “play” in their respective sport.  We have no trouble believing the Hollywood animation of Avatar, special effects of Jurassic Park, or the flying ability of Superman.

Yet we struggle to believe in a God who performs miracles on a daily basis, who saves victory from the grips of evil, who promised HeavenisforRealmankind an eternity in that place called Heaven.  We struggle, I contend, because we know, deep down in our soul and spirit, that God is indeed real and we have consequently taken Him for granted.

Accordingly, my challenge to you is to contemplate the reality and search for the presence of God in your life, because He most assuredly is there, if only you take the time to look for Him, to seek Him in times of trouble, and most importantly, speak to Him in gratitude for every waking day, every exhilarating breath, and every precious moment that you spend with the people you love in this life.

Although He is all these things, God doesn’t need to be perceived as incredible, supernatural, omnipotent, powerful or almighty.  I’m sure He would be very satisfied if only to be perceived as real and eternal.

Easter_LilyIronically, tomorrow is Good Friday, the day all Christians have been taught that Jesus was put to death.  More importantly, Sunday is the Christian celebration of Easter, the quintessential event and the remembrance/celebration of the day Jesus was resurrected from the Dead.

Faith is as real as the air we breathe, the water we drink and the wind that escorts birds across the sky. All we should need is a moment of gratitude, an act of kindness and a magnificent sunset to pay homage to our creator.  There will be plenty of time to watch our favorite television series as well as March Madness.

Instinctively, Love conquers all.  And Love is God.  Be well.

Chad_DavisThis article is dedicated to a dear and missed professional associate who I just learned had tragically passed away in January, Chad Davis.  God have mercy on his soul and grant him eternal life.  (1970 – 2013)


About MW Cerkas

Compassion for People, Passion for Writing, Living my Conscience; "Look for the Good, Always" Positive, Creative, Seasoned Writer, Leader, Marketer, Authentic Spirit, Entrepreneur. Continuously seeking the GOOD in others and how to HELP them. Paying it Forward, Preparing for Eternity. Be well!

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  1. Reblogged this on The Inspired Verse and commented:

    An appropriate subject at a very appropriate time… Look in the mirror and answer the question.


  2. Amazing post. Multiple thoughts going through my mind. My soul or spirit, I take extremely serious. I don’t take for granted the gifts that surround me. I do indulge. But I do hate reality tv. But TV & crappy films hold no interest or for me with the exception of a handful that give me enjoyment. I seem more devoted to creating & thinking & feeling about what I want to write about or create in my art. What I am doing comes upon spontaneously. I have a certain faith that I will know what it is I need to pursue. My muse helps me all the time. She is my inspiration & other things that I notice around me in my readings, online mostly. Your writing is amazing. Your message, I must say, I have never read or heard anyone express so clearly and in such a way that one can listen and be absorbed in what you say. Thank you for finding me. It has been great meeting you and reading your post. I will read more in the future. And I will follow you/your blog. I like what you have to say. Peace, Jennifer


    • Jennifer,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. They legitimize my message and inspire me to continue (collectively) creating my message to humankind… one of Love, Gratitude, Acknowledgement, Self-Awareness, Humility, Honesty, Integrity and Compassion. We are SO busy focusing on “living” that we effectively avoid the Truth of Life itself. And that Truth is God. Be well & God Bless you.
      – Michael


  3. All of us, as a whole, have let our God down by ‘instinctively’ turning to sinful ways (which we were born with) and pushing Him out of our society; America in particular. Now we all watch and live in amazement at our culture, which started with “In God we Trust”, become dismantled and broken. Blessed are those who not only believe In Him, but follow, portray, and spread His joy to others to show them He is still with us each and every day!
    You, Michael, have outdone yourself here in recognizing and exhibiting exactly what ALL need to see, hear, read, and understand. Lord, have Mercy on us!


  4. Thanks for the reference to our blog


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