That Complex Misunderstood Little Inconvenience called Death

Heaven_2As this site name implies, I strive to produce inspiring, compelling and thought-provoking content.  Ok, so this time, two out of three isn’t bad.  Seriously, by the time you finish reading this piece, you will be inspired; to learn more, to live more, to BE more!  Wouldn’t you call that inspiring?

Death is one of those words and labels that typically causes people discomfort, anxiety and fear; I contend, all unfounded.  Since early childhood, we have been programmed and conditioned to avoid thinking about death, talking about death and most importantly, planning for death.  Is it no surprise, then, when it comes knocking (and you know it WILL), we as a human race, are grossly unprepared to deal with it?

And it gets worse from there.  If you look up the word ‘death’ in the dictionary, here is a sample of what you will find from one source:

“The end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism.  Extinction; Destruction; Termination; a Murder or Killing”.

My, how Inspiring, Uplifting and Positive that is, yes?

UniverseFor my perspective, death is like any other concept in the world in that each person’s unique perspective of their world creates their respective “filter” of life, thought and reaction.  I’ve always, yes always, had the gift of seeing things at a macro level, much higher than most others.  That gift has enabled me to view most everything in the world as a subset of something greater.  That approach has also provided me with an abundant supply of patience, tolerance and understanding.


When I see or think about a pair of shoes, I can’t think of them without the corresponding visual of how they look on me as I wear them. If I focus on an apple, I see the tree, and the orchard.  It’s akin to zooming way out on Google Maps, ultimately seeing the earth as a subset of the solar system, the solar system as a subset of the galaxy, the galaxy as a subset of the universe; and the universe as a subset of heaven.

My point is that there are not very many things in this world that stand on their own, alone.  And that frame of mind also legitimately applies to people, work, life and yes, death.

Perhaps the Irish have it right, they are one of the few cultures that celebrate at a funeral, express happiness for the individual that passed on; hopeful of and for, what comes next.  It’s called the Irish Wake.  Additionally, people of Ghana likewise have perfected the over-the-top funeral as a celebration of the deceased person’s life.

ocean_waves-wallpaper-1280x800.jpgI am convinced that death is not a finality, end or a void.  Rather, I prefer to view death as a transformation, a door, one event (as in birth) on an eternal continuum line of consciousness and existence…  dare I say, Life!  As the clouds and the oceans are continuous and seemingly endless, so is our existence.

We, as human beings, are simply very limited in our self-taught concepts of what life really is and means that we can not comprehend with that knowledge and our experience, the true multi-dimensional reality of life in the larger sense of eternity.

HeavenisforRealI’ve read several books focused on the subjects of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and the construct of Heaven.  I am far, far and away, no expert on the subject, however, firmly believe and wholeheartedly accept the reality and existence of both.  Two of these books that I would recommend to others to read include: Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back and  Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.ProofofHeaven

Most certainly and notably, I am in the midst of writing my own book focused on this life and what is beyond…  it is entitled, “Not in Vein – Miracle within my Soul”.

There are also countless documented accounts of people that have clinically “died”, experienced heaven and/or hell, and then have been sent back to life, to share their experience with others.  Below are two accounts that vividly depict their respective journeys.



About MW Cerkas

Compassion for People, Passion for Writing, Living my Conscience; "Look for the Good, Always" Positive, Creative, Seasoned Writer, Leader, Marketer, Authentic Spirit, Entrepreneur. Continuously seeking the GOOD in others and how to HELP them. Paying it Forward, Preparing for Eternity. Be well!

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