Believing without Seeing – Normalizing Faith

It is said that on average, approximately 86% of us believe in God.  In itself, that number is staggering when one considers the not-so-nice realities of life, i.e., murder, violent crime, robbery, lawsuits, domestic abuse, wars, etc.  We have invariably all become desensitized, to a degree, to this ‘anti-love’ that seems to be continuously escalating all around us.

Yet, the vast majority of us still ‘believe‘.  Does that sound incredible to you?  Does it even appear rational or logical?  Let’s look at this phenomenon from a different perspective, or appropriately, in a different light.

In many ways, our individual lives are on ‘auto-pilot’ to a much higher degree than most of us  are willing to admit, acknowledge or even accept.  When you place that bag of popcorn in the microwave oven and push the button labeled popcorn, you fully expect to be eating popcorn in less than three minutes.  You also fully expect to hear the sound of the corn popping and the bag to slowly inflate as the kernels are popped.  But do you actually see the transformation occurring or do you simply and only witness the popcorn bag get bigger while hearing it pop?

When you visit your doctor to get an x-ray of your arm, you undoubtedly remember hearing and seeing the machine methodically hover over your arm as you keep it perfectly still.  Without question, you believe the subsequent x-ray picture the doctor shares with you represents your anatomy as opposed to someone else’s.  In reality, however, did you witness first-hand the development of that x-ray from the time it was taken to the time you review it with your doctor?  The logical answer is of course, no.  You simply believe it is what you think it is.

Both of these examples involve trusting and believing in something or expecting something to happen as a direct result of some action.  Both examples demonstrate “believing without seeing”.  And so it is precisely with regard to faith as it pertains to God or religion.

We have either been taught or have reached a conclusion via personal experience or research that God is real (as are microwave ovens and x-rays) and we subsequently believe without ever having physically seen God.  We reach the same result of belief by witnessing symptoms of God in the world around us, much like we reach the result of beliefs in technology or science by witnessing symptoms of related behavior in the world around us.

We associate the well-intended actions and wishes of others with the power of God working in other people’s lives, we connect the dots of seemingly unrelated events occurring in sequence, resulting in an individual being saved from harm or death.  We witness the unique circumstances of a person unwittingly being in a particular place at a particular time to experience a life-changing action.  Or, we experience the indescribable and breathtaking beauty of a sunset, mountain, cloud formation or natural phenomenon.

When viewed using these analogies, having faith is truly and fundamentally no different than believing in microwave ovens or x-ray technology.  Without fail, however, people question the existence of God and faith while never bothering to question how a microwave oven works (or that it works) as well as the seemingly magical x-ray picture as a perfect representation of the inside of your body.

As Mr. Spock would say as he has so many times in Star Trek, “This is highly illogical”.  In many ways, we have been conditioned to question the validity of faith and God, while having been equally conditioned to simply accept the reality and truth of technology and science.

Faith, as a concept or even as a tangible thing, is really no different at all from any other concept or thing in our world and environment, i.e., radiation, fire, television, water, the air that we breathe.

The important point in all of this and in life, is to consider our lives and our experiences, and then to reach our own conclusions about what is real, what is imaginary and what we choose to believe and believe in.  The distilled essence, of course, is what represents truth along with “what is truth?”

“Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear.”  –  Thomas Jefferson


About MW Cerkas

Compassion for People, Passion for Writing, Living my Conscience; "Look for the Good, Always" Positive, Creative, Seasoned Writer, Leader, Marketer, Authentic Spirit, Entrepreneur. Continuously seeking the GOOD in others and how to HELP them. Paying it Forward, Preparing for Eternity. Be well!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this truth about God. I enjoyed reading your blog. Keep shining your light for Jesus because it’s very bright.


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