When the Unthinkable becomes Reality

Whomever coined the phrase “Hindsight is 20/20”, obviously was thinking of life in terms of the simply unexpected or unplanned.  Both situations are polar opposites, however, from the inconceivable, impossible and cataclysmic events that have etched their places in the history of the world via personal accounts, books, newspapers and movies.

Throughout history, unthinkable events have tainted the world and claimed the lives of millions of people.  Prior to each event, most people would never have imagined something that horrific or unthinkable could occur.  From a temporal perspective, some catastrophes lasted but a few hours, where others spanned hundreds of years.  Regardless, each occurred with equally unthinkable results.  The more notable historical events include:

  1. Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 / 25 million dead)
  2. The Titanic – Iceberg Collision (April 15, 1912 / 1,500+ dead)
  3. Joseph Stalin – Russia (1922-1953 / 20+ million dead)
  4. The Holocaust (1933-1945 / 13+ million dead)
  5. Pearl Harbor (Dec 7, 1941 / 2,400+ dead)
  6. Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Aug 6 & 9, 1945 / 200,000+ dead)
  7. World Trade Center Terrorism (Sep 11, 2001 / 3,000+ dead)
  8. Tsunami in Sri Lanka (Dec 26, 2004 / 200,000+ dead)

In contrast to the unthinkable death and destruction events of history, there are equally unthinkable technology and entertainment events and products that serve to expand the imagination of what is possible and real:

  1. Microwave Oven
  2. NASA – Landing a Man on the Moon
  3. Satellite Television
  4. Google
  5. Lord of the Rings
  6. Star Wars
  7. Harry Potter
  8. Iron Man

And so it is with regard to anyone who believes in God.  The Bible, how the Earth was created by God, Religions of the world, reincarnation, Miracles and Judgment Day are all related aspects that to many are unthinkable, while to many more are an accepted “Fact of Life” and real Truth.

As much as people everywhere take things like the Atomic Bomb, Satellite Television, the Computer, Harry Potter and Iron Man for granted and without question, it is equally ironic and surprising that the concept of God, Miracles, Eternal Life and Heaven & Hell become overly scrutinized and labeled by many as impossible, illogical or too incredible.  This author finds that approach very difficult to comprehend indeed.

The true testament to the presence of God is within each of us as human beings and as prophetic as it sounds, the decision whether or not to believe is a personal choice and evidence of free will.  It is only a matter of time until each of us face this Truth; at which time there is no turning back to change one’s mind, as it were.

As Robert Eddison (Knight guarding the Holy Grail) in the Indiana Jones movie, “The Last Crusade”, so stoically and profoundly said, “Choose Wisely”.


About MW Cerkas

Compassion for People, Passion for Writing, Living my Conscience; "Look for the Good, Always" Positive, Creative, Seasoned Writer, Leader, Marketer, Authentic Spirit, Entrepreneur. Continuously seeking the GOOD in others and how to HELP them. Paying it Forward, Preparing for Eternity. Be well!

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